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Carousel Creamery

When Kap & I were still dating back in the 90’s, he’d take me to the Magnolia Ice Cream Plant in Greenhills. Yung mga ka-age group ko na readers, do you remember the place? It was one of our fave hangout places & we’d share a big bowl over kwentos & kindats. ;) I would often see Gretchen B. with her then-partner Joey Loyzaga there. You know, the time when she was but a mere mortal –wala pang mga perlas ng silanganang nakasabit sa leeg, lol. Of course now she’s like my globe signal on bad days — cannot be reached. ;P

Kap & I shared many happy memories here. <3

Anyhoo, I don’t know why it closed shop when it was always filled with happy customers. But it did, and although we were sad, we moved on. Then it opened again at Robinson’s Magnolia sometime in the new millennium, but it just wasn’t the same. The shop was placed smack right in the middle of the great big outdoors where the glaring sun is constantly in battle with the cooling effects of ice cream & an overworked air-conditioning unit.

The Magnolia shop in Robinson’s Mag to me, the 2 times we went there, felt more like a sauna place.

A couple of weeks ago, after a family dinner & the kids had no homework or tests to study for the next day, my Babyson suggested Carousel Creamery in Greenhills. Normally, we dare not set foot in the San Juan area because of the heavy traffic. But since it was already past 9 in the evening & the Ice Cream shop closes at 12 midnight, plus Waze guaranteed it would only take us 30 minutes from City of Dreams Manila, we went.

Southeast Asian dinner at Red Ginger, City of Dreams Manila. Weekends are always fun with the kiddos in tow. Oh how I love my fam. <3

At 9:30 pm on a Sunday night, man, was it packed! We almost turned back coz Lazy Sundays are meant to be just that – lazy. Right? But Kap said since we already made the trip, we might as well sample the goods.

Carousel Creamery boasts of 115 flavors of Ice Cream, all locally churned! I wanted to try the featured Blueberry & the Beer in honor of the summer flick Beauty & the Beast starring Emma Watson. But I didn’t like the taste. Alanganing blueberry, alanganing beer. Dinaan lang sa kulay hehe. Mas nanaig ang katakawan ko kesa sa pagnanasang mag-post ng kakaiba sa Instagram. ;))


It’ll probably take us more than 50 visits to taste all the flavors! :P


Catchy, but not tasty.

So I just settled for my all time fave, chocolate! And they had 15 kinds. So it took me a while before deciding on Chocolate Insanity – 3 scoops of any of their 15 chocolate flavored ice cream, topped with chocolate chips and chopped almonds, homemade hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry.

Carousel Creamery

8 Missouri St., Greenhills, San Juan (02) 775-9092


Full on a late Sunday night. This must be a popular joint in the Greenhills area.


From 101 flavors to 115 now & counting.


The choices span aaaall the way around. TBH though, it was hard to investigate all the flavors because of the many bodies loitering around, asking for a taste. And believe me, 115 flavors go a loooong way when customers want to try each before finally deciding on what to get. @_@ Waiting to be served can be quite frustrating so I suggest you go on non-peak hours & during the weekdays.



Happy fatties, teehee! <3


Chocolate Insanity – 3 scoops of any of their 15 chocolate flavored ice cream, topped with chocolate chips and chopped almonds, homemade hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry 245 php.


Kap & the kids who obviously had more patience than Moi, tried a couple and decided on the above flavors. Single 85 | Double 145 | Triple 200 | Sampler Plate of 5 395 | Handpacked Take-away Pint 320 | Toppings: Candied Walnuts 25.00 Cherries 25.00 Chocolate Chips 25 Chopped Almonds 25 Hot Fudge Sauce 25 Marshmallows 25 Peanut Brittle 25 Toffee 25 Wafer Sticks 25 Warm Homemade Caramel Sauce 25

For me, no ice cream shop can ever replace the sweet nostalgia of the old Magnolia Ice Cream Plant. Oh the memories! But at least there’s Carousel Creamery to cool & delight ice cream aficionados, especially now that summer is making its presence felt and known.

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. I LOVE THE WEEKENDS! <3 Sana araw-araw Sabado o Linggo! :P

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