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Cantonese Treasures at The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

I remember distinctly when we first set foot in Europe for our Honeymoon 22 years ago. Kap & I were so excited to try all the specialty food in each country we’d visit. Souffle in Paris, Pizza in Italy, Pretzels in Germany, Waffles in Belgium, Fish & Chips in London, Fondue in Switzerland and many more. But after 2 weeks of foreign food, Kap started missing his rice & ulam, chinese food in particular. Nalungkot si Romeo, naghanap ng panlasang Chinoy! :P

And because I like to make him happy (almost as happy as he makes me), we veered away from our Insight travel group of mostly puti, and looked for a Chinese restaurant. Needle in a haystack, grabe! At ang mahal pa. So now that we’ll be away again for a month-long adventure, I cajoled Kap into going on a just-you-&-me date 3 days before our flight. Aba, matagal-tagal din bago ko uli sya masolo ha! ;P A quiet lunch before what I know will be an activity-filled journey with the love of my life. ;)

The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

Aseana Boulevard Corner Macapagal Avenue, Entertainment City,
Parañaque City (02) 691-1234 ext. 1162

The Café Hyatt City of Dreams Manila brings flavors from the region of Guangdong, China, where Cantonese cuisine has its roots. Hyatt City of Dreams Manila and Hyatt Regency Dongguan comes together to bring this culinary experience to guests through mild, fresh and natural flavors with the help of visiting Cantonese chefs Xi Qing Hui and Zhao Pan Fei -available for a limited time only from June 14 – 19, 2016. Now THIS is what dreams are made of for Kap!


Cantonese or Yue cuisine originates from Guangdong Province (SE China around Hong Kong), and it is the most widely served style of Chinese cuisine in the world. This is because most of the Chinese who immigrated and set up restaurants overseas were from Guangdong. What distinguishes Cantonese food is lightly cooked fresh vegetables and meat, and sweet sauces.


Kap & I didn’t get to attend the opening of the festival, but we made sure to go today. The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, after all, is one of our favorite buffet places in the Metro. <3


How timely that Richard & Irene also just got back from their trip from Penang so it was a happy double date (and a half hehe) with our dearest Ouie! <3


Baobao twinning with Irene. We really have the same taste, lol. Thank you Irene for teaching me how to widen it. Meron palang ganon? Grabe 1 month ko nang gamit hindi ko napansin na expandable pala? ;))


It’ll be a while before I get this guy all to myself again so we snuck off for a date while the kids were preoccupied with packing. ;P


An authentic Cantonese chef’s goal is to preserve the food’s original flavor. Unlike other Chinese styles of cooking such as Sichuan style where the cook buries the food in a lot of spices and oil, a Cantonese chef aims to bring out or highlight the original flavor of the vegetable, meat, or fruit. So little spice or sugar is used generally.

Nagbabagang char siu, barbecued pork, roast chicken & duck, stir-fried prawns & scallops, oodles of noodles and dimsum delights are just some of the yummy dishes that welcomed Kap & I on our lunch date today at The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila. He’s one happy peking duck, that’s for sure.





Unlike overseas Chinese food and some regional styles, a lot of oil or grease isn’t used. Neither are dairy products. So unlike creamy cheese wontons or a sweet and sour pork on rice meal deal at a Chinese fast food restaurant overseas, there are not a lot of calories in the dishes. Which means more servings for me teehee! :P

If the food is delicious as it is, almost no seasoning is added. An example is fresh sea fish. It isn’t served raw like Japanese sashimi, but to preserve and accentuate the delicious flavor, the Cantonese steam it and add just a little soy sauce, ginger or perhaps bits of chives. Like the Japanese, Cantonese delight in the natural flavors of fresh sea fish.


Some of the dishes I zeroed in are the unique, not-your-usual-eats like this Ginseng Soup.


and this Smoked Eel Roll. I don’t normally like eel as I find it slimy, but the flavor & texture on this roll was balanced out with the other ingredients.

Stir-frying and steaming are the two most common cooking methods. Cantonese like to boil soups, braise or roast meats, and sauté food too. These cooking methods are aimed to preserve the flavor of the dishes. There are also popular deep fried foods that are often eaten as snacks, deserts, or breakfast foods.


Sir-Fry means EXTRA RICE PLEASE! ;)


I really liked the freshness, tenderness, and flavor of this stir-fried Parrot Fish. Highly recommended by moi! \m/

Hints of Chinese flavors can also be found in the dessert assortment..


Like the Honey Peanut Praline & Black Sesame Truffles.


and the more common Masachi, Mango Sago, Water Chestnut Soup , and Black & White Gulaman that you traditionally find in Chinese Restaurants.

Buffet lunch rates at The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila (weekdays 12nn-3pm, weekends 11:30am-3pm) are at PHP1,388++ from Mon to Wed; PHP1,488++ from Thurs to Sat and PHP1,988++ on Sunday. Dinner lunch rates (5:30-11:30pm) start are PHP1,888 from Mon to Sun and PHP1,988 from Thurs to Sun.


There’s a special Father’s Day lunch this Sunday, by the way -in case you want to treat your better half for all that he’s done. ;) Celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday at The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila with Lunch or Dinner for only 2,288 net. Price already includes a gift for the dad & unlimited sparkling wine for err’one!! (above 18, lol). Metrobank card holder gets 25% off (promo until august 31 only so hurry!!) Super panalo! \m/

Hanggang sa aming pagbabalik. And oh! If you like Indian food as much as I do, The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila will be featuring Indian Cuisine from July 17-24, 2016 to be prepared by guest chef Ajith Kumar from Hyatt Regency Gurgaon, New Delhi. Woohoo! \m/ I LOVE INDIAN FOOD!

Tamang-tama pag-uwi namin! Naku Kap, brace yourself for spices, this is one buffet we WILL NOT miss! :P


Again, we won’t be able to make it to the Indian Festival as we will still be away at the time of the launch. BUT! We will definitely call in in the days that follows.

When you visit The Cafe Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, please don’t forget to buy this adorbs Panda for only 600 php, with the proceeds being donated to Operation Smile Philippines. Hyatt City of Dreams Manila is in partnership with Operation Smile Philippines to give the gift of smiles to children with cleft palate conditions. So far, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila is the only hotel I know of that partners with a charitable institution. <3 Love, love, love!



It’s as cuddly as me, promise! <3

Speaking of smiles, please allow me to thank my Bae for dressing me up! I didn’t know what to wear to our lunch as most of my clothes were already packed, so she went in search of my perfect #OOTD & even lent me her shoes haha. <3 You da best, Sweetheart. I’m such a lucky Mommy to have a wardrobe consultant & a fashion/personal assistant all rolled into one. Whatever will I do without you? Thank you for always, ALWAYS taking care of me. I love you my Darling! :-*


How did I get so blessed? #LuckyMeMommy

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