Canon 500DSLR For Sale

Shameless advertisement, I know, please forgive me for this one time. It’s just that this camera has been lying around the house for the longest time, collecting dust. Maybe it needs a new home! Someone who would love it again & give it the attention it deserves. ;)

Ate used to love photography & has dabbled in this hobby until she became too busy with her studies. So now it needs a new owner who will take it on many adventures & snap beautiful pictures..

Canon 500 DSLR (standard lens) purchased 2010, chipped on one side. Other than that, it works great -and everything else is complete & intact.



Comes with (package):
– Flash & 2 Diffusers (white plastic things below the flash photo)



– Zoom lens with hood (black circular thing above)
– UV protector, 2 attachable lens caps, lens brush, lens case


– Macro wide angle lens (photo above & below)


– Charger & extra battery


– Big camera bag, a Small camera bag, and a Soft case (not included in photo)


– Underwater camera case



All in at 30k or best offer. :) Feel free to email me! Muchas Gracias. <3
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