Candid Wednesday

I love Instagram. I’m addicted to it! :P I lurve looking at pictures.. lots & lots of pictures. I like looking at food pics, bag pics, OOTD’s, what’s cooking, what’s happening. #chismosa I love IG more than I love FB. I can go a day without FB, but not IG. I feel that I will miss a lot if I let a day pass. Ganun din ba kayo? :P

One day, as I was stalking you, my dear readers, I came across this! Homaygas!! Talagang may pasalubong ako? And we haven’t even met yet! I was so touched that someone would care for me THIS much without knowing me & having talked to me at all! <3

Of course I had to meet this wonderful person who made me feel so loved & special! :) Candid & I agreed to meet 2 wednesdays ago, exactly on my Lovey’s birthday, at The Royal Touch in SM Aura. My bunso’s siblings wanted her to pick her birthday gifts from them, so it was, again, 2 birds with 1 stone! While they shopped, I met with the very amiable & gracious Candid. ;)

Blind date.. somewhat! ;) I’m happy to say, we hit it off! m/

Candid also has a blog.. candidventura.wordpress.com Do visit it & tell her I said “HI!” ;)

They have such dainty & pretty cupcakes. Mukhang nakakahinayang to eat! ;))

Thank you so very much, Candid, for our delightful date, and for my yummy pasalubong. But most of all, thank you for even thinking of me & going through the trouble of meeting me. I enjoyed our talk so much that time simply passed by in a blur. I hope that you will come visit me soon so I can show you my part of town. <3

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