My Kids


Being a blogger, I am SO lucky to have kids who are most definitely, NOT camera shy. It makes my blogging life so much easier because the kids are so cooperative. I say cheese, and they give me that 1,000 kilowatts glowing smile that can melt even the hardest of hearts. <3

Blogging is a personal thing. You tell your own story. That’s what makes it unique & sets you apart from the other bloggers. And at Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice, I tell the story of The GOppets. Warts & all, sponsored or not. ;)



I find it so endearing that you guys come to my site and read me for OUR stories. Mas mabenta ang mukha namin at istorya more than any food posts. (Hello Nestle, hello Magnolia! Get us na for your commercials please!) Lels.

Even in Facebook and Instagram, I get more “Likes” on personal photos than the food & other things I post. Thank you for loving The GOppets! We love you back and we appreciate your support to our family! :-*

Even before I started blogging, I’ve always loved taking photos of not just milestones in our family, but everyday scenes that captures my fancy. When you go to our home, walls, tables, and all else na pwedeng mapatungan, hold picture frames with photos of all our memories accumulated through the years. Where others collect paintings, I collect my family’s photos. They hold more importance & value to me than any other wall adornment.


We are camwhores. Look at the length my Kap goes to just to take a good shot hehe. Award! ;))



And the kids deliver. Professionals na!




People ask me if they are always camera ready.


YOU be the judge. What do you think? ;))

Thank you babies for always supporting me! <3

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