Camera iPhone Case

About a month ago when we went to Resorts world, my Lavinia was eyeing the GIZMON camera iPhone case.

It’s worth 2,250 php, but she just got a lifeproof (underwater/waterproof) case so I didn’t buy it although I knew she secretly wanted it.

My Lavinia is like that. She never tells me directly if she likes anything (except for concert tickets!). She’s such a good girl that way. Never begs, never asks. I’m the one who usually asks her if she likes something -actually all my kids are like that. One way of knowing if she likes something is she will take me to a store & would try out a shoe or an outfit. But never to ask me directly for it. So it makes me want to buy something for her more because she’s such a sweet girl & doesn’t insist on anything. <3

Besides, she has a gazillion of iPhone cases already which is left unattended/forgotten (or I inherit) when a new one comes along. Just like this lovely & PRICEY (albeit bulky) sushi case which I bought for her in singapore.

Collecting dust in her drawer.
Chocolate case we bought from HK, which I inherited.
So I was quite hesitant to buy her yet another iPhone case. But the design was just too unique to pass up. I know, my bad, right? She didn’t even squeak a word to me after seeing it a month ago.
I found the black too masculine in color,
so I got her the brown one with a matching leather case (1,8k) instead,
in case she wants to wear it around her neck like a real camera.

Since Faye & I were already in RW yesterday, I decided to buy it as a surprise for my Lavinia. I knew how delighted she would be, & I was right! ;)

Seeing my baby girl happy makes me 100x happier. <3 I hope that this new case will tide her over at least until the end of the year (snicker). ;P
I love you sweetheart. Keep smiling! :-*
PS – It’s a bit hard to disassemble the case. Click HERE for a video on how to! ;)

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