Cambridge Satchel

Something came in the mail again today as I was about to nap. What an exciting day this is turning out to be. First I get a surprise gift from my dearest! <3

My dearest is sweet that way.
Even when there’s no occasion she sends me sweet & thoughtful gestures of her affection.

Then this..

Actually, I already knew it was coming today,
but with the philippine postal system we have, one never knows..
It might be the next day, or the next week, or the next month even! :P

Tada! Ate’s personalized fluro green satchel backpack! <3
The backpack is a “new” design, as opposed to the more common shoulder bags,
so she gets to have it first -sort of! m/
I’m just not sure if all her school stuff will fit though, teehee! ;P 
It’s made of leather but when I touched the inner portion it felt like cardboard to me.
Ate definitely has to take care of this bag, it’s not meant for rough & tumble.
Isn’t it nice? <3

Cambridge satchels can either be bought online -like I did (if you want it personalized, or if you want the backpack since they don’t sell it yet here) or at Homme et Femme Level 3, Shangri-La Plaza Mall. Genuine Cambridge Satchels are also available in all Chocolate Schubar shops (Power Plant, Glorietta 3, TriNoma & Mall of Asia).
Chocolate Schubar Price:

Regular Colors:
11″ Php5,799*
13″ PHP5,999*
14″ PHP6,199*
15″ PHP6,299*
15″ Batchel PHP7,299*

11″ PHP6999*
13″ PHP7199*
14″ PHP7399*
15″ PHP7499*
15″ Batchel PHP8499*

Music Bag PHP7299*

Designer Series
14″ PHP 8299*
15″ PHP8399**prices are subject to change without prior notice

The 15″ fluro backpack cost 130 british pounds (8,460 php).
JG embossing an additional 10 british pounds (650 php).
Shipping 20 british pounds (1,300 php).
Total of 160 british pounds (10, 413 php)
Plus the additional philippine tax of 3,348 php (sheesh!)
Ate’s backpack costs 13,761 php.
You actually save money by buying from local REPUTABLE stores.
No add on charges such as shipping & taxes which almost costs as much as the bag itself! @_@

I wanted to take a picture of ate wearing her spanking new backpack, but she came home with a raging fever so I just tucked her in after a quick shower & snack. :( Actually she had it since yesterday but insisted on still going to school even though I advised her against it. My poor baby, now she is so sick! :'((

Shhh.. ate will KILL ME if she finds out I posted a sleeping picture hahaha! ;P
Promise ate I’ll replace this of a picture of you with your backpack! ;)

Not to be outdone, my babyson also sprained his ankle last night from a game of basketball, so I really have my hands full -which I don’t mind. I just hate seeing them in pain.

He has shorts underneath, promise! ;))
I just made him wear my shirt (coz he was cold) which is too big for him
that’s why his boxers can’t be seen.

Jela too has diarrhea (ooops sorry haha, TMI!) & my Lavinia is starting to complain of a sore throat. :((

Takaw jela kasi eats anything & everything eh!

Lord, I pray for healing for my loved ones. The weather has been bad these past few days. I pray that you envelope them in an extra layer of protection against the elements, and please heal all the aches & pains that they are feeling right now, in Jesus’ name.

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