California Dreams

It’s a hectic sunday for us today! ;) My 2 older kids & their friends are watching the KATY PERRY california dreams 2012 concert.

They got the GOLD tickets (free seating) lang, so they have to go early to guarantee good seats. Show starts at 8 (but we all know that’s not happening, hehe!), gate opens at 5! So they have to be there by 3 if they want to get good seating!

I just LOVE katy perry!!! <3

But I know my cool kids aren’t gonna enjoy watching it with their old mum. So I’ll just watch it on video when it comes out (soon, I hope!). Besides, it’s in MOA grounds, my varicose veins will probably pop out from under me if I even attempt to go –the queue alone will KILL me!!! But I sooooo love KP’s spunky personality, and her colorful, OUTRAGEOUS costumes. It’s so screaming MEEEEEEE!!! ;))

What’s remaining of my family on the other hand, are going to binondo for the chinese new year celebration! m/ With The Clan, yippee!!! So at least we’re still a lot! ;P And I’ll have my baby girl with me! <3

For lunch today, we had..

Sugpo again! @_@ cholesterol!!!
Inihaw na boneless chicken with isang katerbang onions! @_@
Pancit Canton.. so saucy.. so yummy!
But can’t eat a lot. Gotta make room for dinner in binondo!! m/

Our speaker in church this morning was pastor Ricky Sarthou (Make Your Life Count). I really really like him. There’s something about him, or the way he speaks, that reminds me of my cousin who passed away a couple of year ago. :( The same cousin who married me & my hunny…

I read THIS on chuvaness a while back. Religious barriers aside, I really think it won’t hurt her to try a different congregation, if she’s so unhappy with the one she’s attending now. Sometimes, you need to really look for the one that’s just right for you. But hey, to each his own right? Don’t bite my head off for merely suggesting. :)

GTG, folks! Busy night ahead! :-*

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