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Only 5 restaurants were open the day we visited CENTURY CITY MALL..


Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen (been there, done that)

Early Bird Breakfast Club (been there, done that)

TWG Tea Salon (been there, done that)

– Isla Cafe/XO 46 Bistro Filipino


The kids (specifically Ate) were craving for burgers, so Caliburger it was for us. CALIBURGER, an American based corporation with NO branches in the United States whatsoever, is rapidly expanding to around 50 branches all over the world, and is known as the counterpart of the U.S. famous In-N-Out Burger.  Even the LA Times claims that CaliBurger has made some tweaks to the In-N-Out formula that Southern California die-hards might find an improvement on the original.



Official Website:

Facebook: CaliBurgerPH

Twitter: CaliBurgerPH

Instagram: CaliBurgerPH










Caliburger has an efficient system that lets you know when your food is up for “grubs”.. ;P




It’s very rare that I get to drag these 2 along, so it was a very happy day for me! <3




CaliBurger’s lean grass-fed beef patty is okay, a little thin and small for its 200 php price. You can choose between raw onions or grilled onions to go with your hamburger. Big eaters (like me) MUST go with a Cali Double burger. Or a Cali Double Chicken Burger. Basta get the double!



Cheeseburger 225 php



Cali Double 295 php + 100 for side order of 0% TRANSFAT fries & drinks.



Chickenburger Double 295 php



It’s grilled white meat, no breading. Basically tasteless, lels. But perfect for health nuts. Go for it!



I just <3 Famealy Holidates! <3




Even Kap closed shop for half a day upon my request. m/





For those on a diet (like you know who!), CaliBurger has a “low carb style” or “bun-less” option. Ate got a low carb style burger AND a low carb style chicken burger (after). Yes, that’s how small their servings were. Too small that it took TWO whole bun-less sandwiches to satisfy my famished daughter. And you know how she is with food!




Utang na loob. REALLY??? @_@ That’s like eating AIR.





Personally, I found the burgers so-so. I like my burgers thick & juicy, so I can live without Caliburger. I’d rather waste my artery-clogging indulgence on stroke-inducing BIG FAT THICK JUICY HEAVILY TOPPED burgers like Friday’s or Chili’s.



Goodbye Caliburger. It was nice meat-ing you! ;)



I cant wait to see what other restos will open in the near future. Meanwhile, Century City Mall has other food/beverage outlets now open for business:



Mochi Sweets

– and Toby’s Estate. UP NEXT. :)


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