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Cafe by the Ruins Dua

When in Baguio, it’s nice to look for home-grown restaurants to try. The GOppets never got to stray beyond Forest House because the kids love their amazing Beef Salpicao. But since we were with the KTG pack this particular Baguio sojourn, we had the chance to explore a bit & go the distance.

The Bossman, a Baguio city frequent traveler, acted as our tour guide & suggested several places for us to try. One of these is Cafe by The Ruins Dua.

Cafe by the Ruins (since 1988) recently opened up a new branch on Upper Session Road (right beside Mario’s).  This extension is called Cafe by the Ruins Dua (dua, meaning “two” in Ilokano), and Baguio natives have fondly nicknamed it Cafe Dua.

To you old Cafe by the Ruins loyalists, fret not because Dua is still the same old Cafe you have grown to love through the years, except it is now more modern-looking in terms of facilities, The bigger Dua branch is also in charge of producing and supplying Cafe by the Ruins’ pasalubong and bakery products: bread selection (Ernie’s kamote bread, Ensaymada, Whole Wheat Pan de Sal, etc.) and deli meats (home-smoked bacon, lamb sausage, longganisa, etc.).

Cafe by the Ruins Dua

25 Shuntug Street, Baguio City (074) 442 4010







On the wall is an exhibition of Leonard Aguinaldo‘s prints on handmade paper.







Strawberry Soda 120 php. Beautiful, light, and refreshing. Cafe strawberry syrup with soda water. At first it tasted just like carbonated water but then I figured out half way that I was supposed to mix the syrup at the bottom. :P It was delicious nonetheless.



Salabat 100 php. Ginger root infusion in a pot. Perfect for a cold night.



Biscuits/Scones 80 php. 2 pcs. scones, buttery and crumbly.



OMG JUST LOOK! <3 Soooooo good!



How I wish I got to try this though.. Ernie’s Kamote Bread 80 php. This enriched bread incorporates bread flour with Cordillera kamote, milk, and honey. Sounds (and looks) really good! This photo belongs to Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet.



Must have: Kesong Puti Salad 210 php. A simple and classic ensemble of kesong puti, basil, and tomatoes, with a sweet garnish of alfalfa sprouts. Cafe Dua’s take on an Italian classic.



Baguio Bounty Salad 285 php. Your classic: shrimp, poached chicken, strawberries, watercress, lettuce with strawberry vinaigrette dressing. All mountain fresh! <3



Cheese Lumpia Straws 120 php. Fried straws with carabao cheese and basil filling, This order wasn’t mine so I couldn’t deconstruct to show you what’s inside. :P



Strawberries and Yogurt 165 php. A healthy option. Cafe Dua makes their own yogurt with carabao milk.



Pinikpikan 180 php. Cordillera ritual chicken soup with etag (salted pork) and ginger. Comes with red rice (below).




Baguio Bagnet 280 php. A typical Ilocano meal: double fried pork belly – first it is tenderized in lard, then re-fried to a crisp. Condiments are Podas bagoong and tomato relish. Accompanied with Dinengdeng soup.



Ruins Pasta 200 php. Spinach pasta with Salted fish roe & cream.



Rita’s Rice 320 php (new on the menu). Rice topped with Chicken, mushroom & celery.



Ruins’ Bagnet Sinigang 340 php. An upgrade of Cafe Duo’s best-selling Baguio Bagnet .





Traditional Strawberry Shortcake 200 php. An english treat. Strawberries in syrup with whipped cream and buttery, crumbly scone or shortbread.



This is the same strawberry shortcake as above, but plated differently. Same wonderful strawberry goodness in every bite. <3 I wish I ordered 1 just for myself! <3

When in Baguio, take advantage of all the strawberries that you can. I’d order strawberry with everything if I could. That’s how much I love it! <3

We’ll definitely see each other again, Cafe Dua. Unitl then I’ll be dreaming of your crunchy bagnet sinigang & delicious strawberry shortcake! :-*

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