Cafe Mary Grace

Before christmas vacation, I was able to sneak in a date or two with my sweetheart whose schedule this semester is really bad. Hopefully, next year her schedule will go back to being better, meaning she can come home earlier & not get stuck in traffic with the rest of the 987654321 philippine population come night time! @_@


Because she had to go to school later than usual that day, we snuck in a brunch date at Cafe Mary Grace. The servings are really small for a big breakfast eater like me, but there’s something to be said about comfort food. Especially when ate has to study in between chewing, my poor sweetie. :'((




Tapa & Scrambled EGG WHITES ONLY for you know who! :P 335 php


And I guess you already know who this plate belongs to, huh? ;P
Tapa & Ham Omelette 415 php
Extra order of Rosemary Fired Rice 50 php (hehehe!) Nakita niyo ba ang liit kaya! :P


Sandwich Inasal 230 php. Which we split. Because brunch means meal x2 right?? ;))


So good. But so BITIN! Cafe Mary Grace is really for dainty eaters like my ate.


Apple Pie ala Mode 252 php, and Brewed Coffee 96 php (2 refills)



Can you see how thick her book is? ALL her books are like that. And she’s only in pre-med joskoday! @_@



By the way, there’s been talks that the big 3 colleges (UP, Ateneo & UST) will be following the international academic calendar (September-June instead of June-March). What are your thoughts on that? Personally, I’m torn because on one hand, I’m glad ate won’t be subjected to heavy outpours & stream of murky water when her school is submerged in rain & flooded, as is always the case in Espana. On the other hand, she won’t have the same vacation schedule as her siblings. Ergo, we can’t go anywhere coz like elephants, we go everywhere together. :P On the THIRD hand!! I won’t have separation issues na because ate will still be home with me when the 2 kids go back to school in June. :P


At this point, I’m just hoping for what is best. Que sera sera. What will be, will be. Worst case scenario, lahat sila mag-Espana!

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