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Cafe Macaron Doussant

Last February 14, Ate asked my Lovey to be her Valentine. I was a bit hurt because for 18 years, I was her Valentine. :'(( Now all of a sudden she has dropped me in lieu of her sister! So I made drama-drama a bit, and lookee what I got from her, teehee! :P

Cafe Macaron, Fairmont Hotel

1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue

Makati City


(02) 555-9840

Di bale nang Feelingera. May pasalubong naman! :P

CAFE MACARON of The Fairmont Hotel, appropriately named, offers a wide selection of macarons in a variety of colors featuring the unique local flavors of mango, ube, queso de bola, pandan and a lot more. Alone or on top/sides of their delectable cakes!

But it also came up with the Doussant, a hybrid of two classic treats, the buttery croissant and the cream-filled doughnut (think cronut but just with a different name!). It is available in 6 flavors; Raspberries and Cream, Chocolate Valrhona with crunchy choco-caramel pearls, Rosemary Spiced Pistachio, Honey Glazed Almond, Chunky Red Velvet Doussant, and Spiced Cinnamon.

The cafe makes it a point to bake 200 of these babies daily. I don’t know if people still go gaga over it though. The cronut, doussant craze has since died down, me thinks. It is now the age of macarons! Thus the name of the Cafe.

Ate gave me 3 of the more popular flavors to try..

Pistachio Doussant 180 php++
Pistachio-filled, white chocolate-glazed, sprinkled with toasted pistachio.

Chunky Red Velvet Doussant
Cream cheese-filled, chunks of red velvet cake topped with chocolate syrup.

and my favorite among the 3, the Valrhona Guanaja Doussant
Valrhona dark chocolate-filled, dark chocolate-glazed, sprinkled with dark chocolate pearls.
But can you see the oil almost dripping from it though?
That’s sooooo NOT GOOD for my clogging arteries. *gasp

Personally, I found the Doussants too sweet & too oily. Too sweet since there’s a topping AND a filling.

And the oily part? Well a picture says a thousand words, doesn’t it? :P

I think I still prefer Wildflour’s crunchy cronut version the best among all I’ve tried so far.


Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. But since March of last year, I’ve been posting daily. As in Monday to Sunday, and repeat again. That’s 12 straight months, day in & day out. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing bits & pieces of our lives with you for 365 days. But the time has come as I knew it would, naubusan na din ako ng kwento. So my posts MAY not come as regularly as before. I will try to space out my entries so I have something for you at least a couple of days a week starting April. But then again, it’s summertime, I might just have more kwentos after all since the kids will be home from school & we will probably be going out a lot. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. ;)

Meanwhile, I hope you still enjoy my scheduled posts. Huhuhu I only have a few left. Thank goodness I had several exciting invites from new blogger friends -those will be up next week so please watch out for ’em. I promise to keep writing as long as I have something to write about. And I promise to write only from my heart. <3

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