Cafe Eight at Crimson Hotel

Summer is just one big blur of activity after activity for the kids. It seems like all I get to see is the back of their heads, heading out the door. With barely a wave goodbye. They are either off to the gym, or yoga, or just hanging out with friends ’til the wee hours of the night.

A least for the 2 big ones. Thank goodness for my darling Lavinia who stays home with me in the comfort of our cooled room, away fom the sun, just vegging out & watching dvd marathons. I’d be by my lonesome self all summer otherwise.

Summer time for me is like winter time for the bears. I hibernate & save my energy for the cooler days ahead! :P And apparently, my Lavinia takes after her mama bear, lels. We don’t move unless it’s absolutely necessary. And eating is a necessity, don’t you agree? ;P

There’s a new hotel in town and my Lavinia & I decided to check it out last night on our date. Crimson Hotel has a PROMO of Dine for 5 & Stay a Night. It piqued our curiosity.


Dine at Café Eight for a group of 5 and get an overnight stay for FREE.
*Applicable for lunch and dinner buffet diners
*Promo period: March 1 – May 31, 2013
*Full buffet rate applies: Lunch – P1,100, Dinner: P1,400
Crimson Hotel is just beside Festival Mall. It’s only partially finished though, with an undisclosed (yet) mall to be housed on the 2nd floor. And a casino (daw). Parking levels are at the 2nd, 3rd & 4th floors -they offer free valet service to guests. The ground floor is a no-nonsense entry way that leads to elevators which will take you to the 8th floor where the reception area is, and also the hotel lobby & Cafe Eight which offers breakfast, lunch & dinner buffet..


International Breakfast Buffet
PHP 998 per person
International Lunch Buffet
PHP 1,100 per person
International Dinner Buffet
PHP 1,400 per person


Rates are Inclusive of service charge and applicable government taxes The rates may change on special Holidays and occasions
Subject to hotel terms and conditions.
For inquiries, email info.alabang@crimsonhotel.com or call 863-2222.
Cafe Eight.
I find the hotel nice, but the restaurant was very empty when we got there. Maybe coz they’re just new on the block. The food is ok lang. Not bad -not spectacular though, nothing special to rave about. Somewhat lacking. They don’t have the fresh seafood station considering the price which I found very pricey for their minimal selection. Dinner buffet is 1,400 php net, only 500 php less than Circles which already offers everything imaginable.
Everyday Lunch Buffet (11.30am-2.30pm) and Dinner Buffet (6.30-10.30pm)
International Lunch Monday to Saturday
P1,424 net adults, P712 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.
International Lunch Every Sunday
P1,904 net adults, P952 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.
International Dinner Sunday to Thursday
Filipino Fiesta Dinner Every Wednesday
P1,640 net adults, P822 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.
Seafood Dinner Buffet Every Friday
Barbecue Dinner Buffet Every Saturday
P1,904 net adults, P952 net Children 6-12years old, FREE < 6yrs old.
For reservations, call +632 840-0884 or 813-8888 ext. 7588/ 7599
The nearby Bellevue Hotel, which offers more variety, charges even less..
Cafe d’Asie, Bellevue Hotel Manila

North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa CityTel: (632) 771.8181

Monday to Sunday Rates
Breakfast: P643.00 net
Lunch: P1,160 net
Dinner: P1,160 net
The Crimson Hotel’s Cafe Eight’s sushi selection is very minimal. So is their dessert station. The carving station, which we actually came for as we were craving for thick, juicy steak, was a bit disappointing. On the upside, the ambiance was classy & service was impeccable. Maybe they will improve over time. (I hope)
I liked this THAI lumpia wrap.
Very few maki choices.
I found this tuna stick dry. Better sana if they made it tartare nalang.
The Wasabi Mayo was good, pwede pang-dressing if you get the greens.
The greens.My Lavinia LOVED the caesar salad dressing.
and the Antipasti..
Plate #1 :)
You can see that my sashimi strips are not the freshest.
I thought that yellow sushi topping was an exotic fish.. mangga lang pala, lels! :P
I was very disappointed with the steak serving.
I instructed the waiter to cut me a big, thick, juicy slice..
But he kept slicing off small bits & pieces no matter what I instruct him to do.
I finally gave up.
My massacred steak! </3
I was really hoping I could at least compensate on the steak. :( 
Plate #2 with my massacred steak :)
Sayang, I liked the peppercorn sauce pa naman.
The featured hot dishes for the night..
My lovely dinner date! <3

There were more hot dishes on the other side of the restaurant. I’m guessing it’s their International (combined thai/malaysian/indian/singaporean/korean) station..

Plate #3 :)
I was too full already but I LOVE Tom Yum Soup, Bagoong Rice & Beef Rendang so I simply couldn’t let these pass.
Uhm.. steady lang.

The Bread & Cheese station..

Even the cheese selection was minimal. Disappointing since I LOVE cheeseseses. ;P
I enjoyed these fruit preserves though.
Plate #4 :)

The dessert station. I don’t know what is is with hotels & their desserts. I have YET to find a hotel restaurant that serves great heart-stopping dessert. Boo!

Looks yummy right? Believe me, it’s not.
Although my Lavinia said this was ok.
I think this was the only one I could call halfway decent among the dessert selection. 
Plate #5 :)
My halo-halo. Would have been the saving grace, except.
Wala silang Ice cream. @_@
For me, halo halo without ube ice cream is like peanut butter without jelly!
I truly enjoyed the company of my lovely dinner date who is my #1 blog fan & is ever so supportive of my restaurant choices! :)
Our very indiscreet neighbors. @_@
Guess who we bumped into on our way out. Our very charismatic neighbor MIGIE!! :) Alabang is such a small world. Happy 18th Birthday, sweetie!! <3
Happy 18th Birthday, Migie! :-*
Overall, I would recommend that you avail of their Dine for 5 promo if just for the FREE room (& if you’re looking for a staycation), just get the lunch buffet worth 1.1k (net) instead of the dinner para sulit.
Haba na ng post ko noh? :P But wait, I need to be thorough! ;)) Here are some photos I took of the rooms. Fyi..
From the hotel lobby..
to the elevator..
to the hallway towards the guest rooms..
The FREE room when you avail of the Dine for 5 promo which is only until the end of May na lang.
Deluxe Room Twin/King (weekday 5,500 php net/Weekend 4,500 php net) 
Or for additional 1k, you can upgrade to
Premiere Room Double/King (weekday 6,000 php net/Weekend 5,000 php net) 
Or for additional 2k, you can upgrade to
Executive Room King (weekday 6,500 php net/Weekend 5,500 php net) 
Disclaimer: We paid for our food. The views & opinions are mine alone, based on my experience with the hotel, and unpartial/unclouded. Like I keep telling my Lovey who reviews my blog & warns me when my opinion sometimes gets too harsh, I’m Sugar & Spice (the good & the bad), NOT Sugar & Nice, so I don’t sugarcoat things. I say it like it is.
Maybe I’ll give Crimson another chance before the end of summer so we can avail of the promo. And hopefully, they would have a better pianist.. one who won’t keep playing off-key! :P
Nasayang yung grand piano.. :P
They really need to step up on their game if they wanna hold a candle to Bellevue, Acacia & Vivere. Sino kaya ang manager? ;P
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