Cafe Ano

If I were made to choose, Filipino food would be on the bottom of my food chain favorite. But alas, I am always either out-smarted or out-voted haha. So I just go where they take me & make the most out of it.

Last night, we had dinner with an old friend, Hitler, whom we haven’t seen for ages.

With Hitler. My dearest’s other half & ate’s ninong

Parking is a bitch now in town, with all the new restaurants cropping up & occupying what should have been a much-needed parking space. So we had to make do with limited choices in westgate.

Cafe Ano is the old Cafe Adriatico. Used to have the same owners but you know how it is with partnerships -they ultimately break up! ;P But the menu is still similar to that of adriatico’s, & the chef is still the old one before the dissolution, so the food was somewhat adriatico-ish.

Cafe AñoWestgate Center

Westgate Center, Filinvest
Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila
Baby Squid 175.00
They couldn’t wait for them to grow any bigger, small squid sauteed in olive oil and seasoning
Chicharon Bulaklak 295.00
Home made crisp fried pork variety meat crackling 
Jose Cuervo Margarita. Oohhlala! ;P
Tokwa’t Baboy
Gising Gising 165.00
Minced stalk of kangkong spiced with small chilies and simmered in coconut cream
Crispy Pata 595.00
A whole leg of pork deep-fried in garlic and chilies
Crispy Tadyang 389.00
Marinated beef ribs deep-fried to a delicious crispiness.
Their Famous Pancit Palabok 235.00
With shrimp, squid, pork crackling and egg
Adobong Kambing 340.00
Goat meat stewed in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic 
Mango Samurai 168.00

I didn’t know it until I saw him again last night, but I’ve missed Hitler. We used to go on weekly double dates before & I’ve forgotten just how fun & hilarious he is. And how we ate – A LOT! ;))

Old friends are Gold.
New friends are Diamonds.
If you get diamonds, don’t forget gold.
Because only gold can hold diamond.

We miss you guys! </3

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