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Agent NQ-007 reporting for Butamaru

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the new Ramen house in town, BUTAMARU. But for one reason or another, Kap & the kids went there ahead of me with their respective friends even though I was planning on making a family day out of it. I guess they were quicker & faster than me when it comes to trying out new restos in the vicinity.


CE405 Westgate Center, Commerce Avenue cor. Filinvest Avenue , Alabang 1781 Muntinlupa City
Phone 8874255


The name itself tells you what to expect—BUTA means pig in Japanese, a fitting name for the restaurant whose ramen bowls are all OINK-based (Ms. Piggy’s favorite kind). The menu has an assortment of choices—shio, shoyu, miso, curry tantanmen, and the regular tantanmen for ramen, two kinds of gyoza (regular & cheese), a ramen salad, and chahan (fried rice).


My Kap’s bowl of Tantanmen Ramen 350 php after a weekly tennis game with his buds. They’ve been there 2 more times since. WITHOUT ME. Gah! @_@ You may request to adjust the spiciness level so make sure you tell the server your preference. Extra noodles 80 php. Kasi ang tunny na lalaki laging may extra noodles! ;) And Kap is as tunay na lalaki as it gets hehe.

So when I found out that my friend Niel.. errr AGENT NQ-007 was going, I asked him to kindly snoop around a bit for me & report on his recent findings. ;) Good friends after all, are people you can use and abuse! ;)) JOKE!

Friends, please enjoy another wonderfully entertaining post by our dear friend & favorite guest blogger, NIEL QUINTOS! <3 Thank you Niel for always giving in to my requests. Needless to say, I SUPER-KADUPER LOVE YOU! :-*

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.27.57 AM

The BUTAMARU experience by NIEL QUINTOS a.k.a. Agent NQ-007!

So here I am, it’s 2am, chained to a desk in a dungeon on a remote island, sleep deprived, force-fed a mixture of amphetamines and caffeine via an IV tube, two hooligans on either side ready to taser me at the slightest hesitancy in my typing, at the orders of a brilliant villainous blogger mastermind whom I know only as code name SSEN.

What does code name SSEN want from me? Valuable information. Information that’s been entrusted to me for safekeeping because it would be too dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. And she’s making me type them all down.

How I got here, I don’t know.

The last thing I remember was eating ramen at this newly opened restaurant in Alabang before everything turned black.

That restaurant, called BUTAMARU, was brought to my attention when I saw an Instagram post of my very good and dear friend Jane a few weeks ago.

Knowing her impeccable taste, I just knew I had to visit the place despite it being a long ways from my hometown.

So when a holiday, October 6, came along, I convinced a friend of mine to accompany me to that faraway land, since he had a car and a driver and he didn’t have to go to work (I know, right? User? Hahaha).

Not being Alabang natives, we thought we’d have a difficult time finding Butamaru inside Westgate, with its numerous restaurants scattered all throughout the compound. Turns out our fears were unfounded, since it was just there at the back of Zong, and Zong was just there along the driveway, near the mall.

Butamaru’s façade has earth colors predominating the exterior, treatment is very minimal, giving you a very zen feel even before entering the premises. There’s very limited seating on the ground floor, which I think is primarily for those dining alone or in pairs, since they only have a long, low bar facing the kitchen and a shorter one near the window.


Here you can see the toilet door on the left and the staircase going to the second floor.

The upper floor is more spacious, with individual tables that can accommodate larger groups or families. They also have two sets of large, comfortable couches here.



On to the food! Here are some condiments you might want to use for your orders: Japanese vinegar, light soy sauce, chili oil, and nanami togarashi (assorted chili pepper)


Pork Gyoza (P130) – one of the better ones I’ve tasted. Nicely fried on one side, and the flavor is quite exceptional. It’s a bit small, though. Next time I’ll try the Cheese variety.



My friend’s order of Shoyu Ramen (P320) – The tonkotsu broth was very creamy and milky, which matched remarkably with the smokiness of the chasiu. The noodles remained very firm even after it had been in the soup for a long time.


I ordered extra Tamago (P45) for my ramen. You can see how perfectly cooked it is in this photo. As my sweet friend Jane would say: Lhav!


My order of Curry Tantanmen (P350) – this was superb! An explosion of different layers, textures, and flavors in my mouth. Spicy, nutty, creamy, earthy… it hits you one by one, then all at once. And the noodles remained al dente up until the last scoop of broth.


Sarap to the last drop! We wiped out everything in sight… it’s that good.



Being a new player in this country’s burgeoning Ramen industry and with barely any online press visibility, I really wasn’t expecting anything extraordinary from Butamaru. I’m glad they surprised me by proving me wrong. Instead of the flavors being compromised, hesitant, or even apologetic, what we got were bold, confident, and mature dishes that I usually find only in more seasoned establishments.

We happily paid for our orders, and you can see, the prices are quite reasonable.

We learned that since our last visit, new items have been added on the menu. Items which we would gladly go back for & try..



New on the Menu. CHASYU DONBURI! This photo belongs to Butamaru.


New on the Menu. RAMEN SALAD! This photo belongs to Butamaru.

We left Butamaru very satisfied with our meal, and my friend told me to wait at the corner outside the store while he searched for his car and driver.

And that was when I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was already here in this dungeon, a prisoner of code name SSEN.

Will I ever escape from her clutches? Only time will tell. Until my next mission…

Agent SSEN: Wake up NQ-007. You have another mission!

agent SSEN


Whadya know! A few days before this post was scheduled to be published, the GOppets finally got to go to Butamaru as a family after church just last Sunday for lunch! <3 Here are some photos I hope Niel won’t mind me including..


My fashionista brood. LHAV! <3


The kids opted to eat downstairs for a more authentic Japanese resto feel. ;)



The menu is kept short & simple for now, but pretty soon the list will get more extensive & with limited ramen flavors monthly. Something to look forward to, definitely!


I feared I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything at Butamaru, a RAMEN joint, but miracle of miracles! I found something I could eat without guilt (ok maybe a teensy-weensy!) Chasu Don 280 php. without the Don! :P Yep, I asked them to remove the rice & just give me the bare necessities. Voila! My Butamaru Roast Pork with Soft Boiled Egg. <3


Takana Chahan 200 php. Japanese-style Fried Rice which the kids loved & paired with..


Extra orders of Chasu 150 php. 3 slices of Butamaru Roast Pork.

PicMonkey Collage2

Curry Gyoza 150 php. Aburi Chasyu with special curry paste. An OMG moment! This definitely had so much more flavor than the regular gyoza & didn’t need sauce. This you gotta try!

PicMonkey Collage3

Cheese Gyoza 150 php. Butamaru’s Top Secret gyoza. make sure you whisper this to the waiter so they can whip it up especially for you as it’s not on the menu. And don’t diss the crust surrounding it. It’s made with cheesy goodness, you’ll definitely ask for more! <3

Of course, Kap gotta have his Ramen fix.. Curry Tantanmen 350 php. Made with spicy peanut & sesame. Remember, you can order this with an extra rich broth if you prefer, at no extra cost. And a choice between kata-men (al dente) or soft noodles.

PicMonkey Collage1

This is regular broth with al dente noodles. And believe me, it’s rich enough.


My Babylon’s Miso Ramen 350 php. Miso based tonkotsu.


We chanced upon Chef Anna & her beloved Raymond that day who may just provide another sweet ending in my area so we won’t miss them so much. They are already providing 2 kinds of dessert to 2 other restaurants in the South. Hopefully, it will soon become 3.. or more. Yayyyy! Go PINK WASABI! <3



Black Sesame Cheesecake. Chef Anna is forever re-inventing. I believe this will be available at BUTAMARU starting November 3!!! Do order it and make it a regular! <3

Thank you again Niel for a very fun, entertaining, and detailed post. We are ALL looking forward to your next one here at SSEN.. if you don’t start your own soon, that is! The clamour is just outstanding! Go, go, GO!!!

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