Busog Lusog

Have I told you that my Kap is currently attending a day-long, month-long seminar? It’s his 2nd week now. Yes! How depressing right? Well, for me at least. He seems to be enjoying it though. He’s SUCH a people person I swear!

Here he is in his uniform haha. He went through this a couple of years ago for Caltex but we didn’t push through. He’s hell bent on pursuing it this time though. Thus this shitty, shitty, SHITTY seminar.

O, tignan mo nga naman. Nakauto na naman ang honey ko haha. Siya ang nai-botong presidente in a “class” of 18! ;)) But seriously though, my Honey? He’s like a ray of sunshine. He has always been the popular guy, even in high school. He was the jock & the comedian, while I was the wallflower. Sobrang lucky ko na napansin niya pa ako ever! ;) Yan.. kaya grabe nalang ako kung maka-selos! Everybody, as in EVERYBODY, LIKES HIM! He’s a very like-able guy. :P


Sabi mo honey huwag ako mag-alala’t taga probinsya ang mga kasama mo.. EH HINDI NAMAN MUKHANG PROBINSYANA ANG MGA BABAENG YAN AH! NAKA-ONE SIDED PA ANG MGA BUHOK HELLO??? Mukha kaya silang bagong gradweyt ng Ateneo at La Salle!!! @_@
I was complaining to my friend Med just the other week how I don’t get to see my hubby love anymore because of the SHITTY seminar since he comes home late afternoon/early evenings now (no more hanky panky & afternoon delights for me for a while BOO!) She said she also only sees her hubby in the mornings before going to work & after office hours too. She was looking at me like parang.. HELLO? ok ka lang? And they also have businesses of their own. I guess I’m so used to having him around any time of the day that I forgot the norm. :P #spoiledbrat

You know, when I was just pregnant with ate, he attempted to work the 8-hour shift in a non-family company because he wanted to prove something to my mudra, our ex-employer hehe.

The thing with working for a member of your family is you can’t really apply “Trabaho lang po, walang personalan.” Everything IS personal! :

Photo Credit: Kickingfish’s bucket

John en Marsha is a defunct situational comedy series that aired over the Radio Philippines Network from 1973 to 1990. Marsha Jones marries the impoverished John Puruntóng, much to the dismay of her wealthy mother, Doña Delilah. The latter often pays a visit to their house along with her serving-maid Matutína. When money was needed, she would tell Matutína to go sweep peso bills off the floor, resulting in a hilarious exchange of insults between the two in-laws. The show usually ends with Doña Delilah screaming her catchphrase “Kaya ikaw, John, magsumikap ka!” This pretty much sums it up! ;) My honey, he may not be financial-savvy or struck lucky, but God bless him, he has SUCH a good heart and would do his best for his family. I wouldn’t exchange him for the sheikh of Brunei!

He would call me during lunch breaks to ask how I was, and I would hear female voices & laughter in the background, I’d go bonkers & cry all day -I’m not kidding. I spotted heavily during my last trimester because I had such separation anxiety from him that he just plain quit after 3 days & we started our own business. Drama queen talaga ako noh? #sorryimnotsorry

If there was anyone to blame. It would be none other than Mr. Kupido. Sobra naman kasi niya akong tinamaan noh?! #sapolnasapol

So going back to his SHITTY seminar. I’m glad to say I survived the almost 2 weeks with no heavy drama this time. (but you know, there IS another 2 weeks ahead..) And he has been rewarding my good behavior sporadically with pasalubong of sorts! ;)) Akala nya nag-mature na ako mwahaha!



Cheese Pimiento & Pork Bun he bought from a bakery when they went for a site inspection somewhere. :)


That’s my honey for ya.. si Mr. Kuri! Budget meals lagiSiguro nga pa-meryenda pa sa kanila ito at inuwi lang hehe. But I really appreciate the snacks he brings home for me, at least it means I’m in his thoughts! ;))

My ate on the other hand, is Ms. Galante. This was one of her many pasalubongs for me (us) just last week coming home from school! She brings lunch baon to school coz she’s on a forever diet, so she spends all her allowance/money on me, the poor thing! She loves me WAY too much! <3



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I love pizza.. but this one I LURVE!!! <3
I made ate promise to let me try ALL 4 flavors! Kawawa naman she’s gonna be SO broke haha! :)
Bursting with fillings & flavors. YOU MUST GIVE IT A TRY!!!


So all week long, busog lusog ako with pasalubongs left & right hehe.

My best friend now?

All I can say is.. BURP.

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