Lavinia & I went to SM South Mall last week to buy last minute beach stuff -aqua shoes, bikinis (not for me, do not worry haha), goggles, sunblocks & the likes. SM -they’ve got it all for you, you know! ;)

And guess what we saw as we were about to leave? BURGOO, yay! m/ SM is definitely turning sosi, hmmmnnnn?

Of course we couldn’t pass up the chance, we were already there after all! ;P Had a quick meryenda before heading off to my mom’s for dinner.

Lovey LOVED their doodle sheet! <3
Summer coolers. Hawaiian punch & Strawberry Cool <3
Cheeseburger (which Lovey & I split) 325 php
Fries 85 php
Mud pie (free coz I had bugs in my drink -TWICE!)
SM Southmall has been renovated. I can’t wait to see what else is new in store for me! ;)

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