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Kap & I are really heavy eaters. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We eat twice the amount a normal person eats, seryoso. After our heavenly (and very expensive) steak dinner, our carnivorous yearnings were heightened. We suddenly wanted more, albeit not at that caliber! ;P

I relied on Kathi to take us somewhere meaty to satisfy our craving for more meat, and she did not disappoint. ;) She really knows The Fort like the back of her hand.

She took us to Burgers & Brewskies..

B&B Burgers and Brewskies

Unit E Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle,

Forbestown Rd Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

(02) 403-4038

There’s an air-conditioned second floor, as well as outdoor seating on the ground floor if you prefer open air.

I loved the chandelier made out of beer bottles. So nice for a dimly-lit Den. (Den which is occupied by my MIL. Goodbye chandelier! Adios Den!)


Would have loved to try their beer tap – it is burgers and BREWSKIES after all, but I already had 3 glasses of wine before coming over.
A mug of beer could have done me in. And I don’t think Kap is capable of carrying me out. ;P


B&B Burgers are made out of 1/3 lb. 100% imported beef patties made fresh everyday and cooked medium to preserve its tenderness and distinct flavor, with your choice of toppings..


Cloud 230 php
Roasted garlic aioli, cheese sauce, balsamic glazed shitakes with dried figs.

Faced with so many burger combinations, I couldn’t decide.
Jericho was so nice to recommend this when I said I wanted something spicy.
Hector Salamanca 240 php
Chili oil, cheese sauce, jalapeño crema, tomato salsa and crisp nacho strips (contents are hot!)

Neat 180 php
Roasted garlic aioli, cheese sauce, onion confit

Cuban Missile 180 php
Grilled sweet corn slathered with mayo and spiced shredded cheese.

Pow 95 php
Potato wedges with spiced mustard aioli
I didn’t listen to Kathi when she recommended the Cuban Missile.
I thought it was going to be on a husk so I declined. Huhuhu! :'((
The Pow was ok, but I definitely preferred the cuban missile.

B&B Chocolate Pudding 85 php
Rich dark chocolate custard topped with crunchy cinnamon oatmeal streusel

Burgers & Brewskies is a great place for when you have a sudden attack of the munchies. It closes late, and is dim -nobody will see, or mind, if you drip some of that fantastic sauce & toppings down your shirt. Again, don’t forget to order the Cuban Missile, and have a mug or 2 of beer tap for me. ;)

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