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Nowhere Safe (Bullying)

I just recently watched the movie NOWHERE SAFE. It’s about BULLYING. Read more about it on Facebook:

After two girls cruelly impersonate her online in a “reverse cyber bullying” plot, Ashley’s reputation is ruined and she and her mother flee a growing threat to their lives. Starting over at a new school, romantic interests and the poignant lessons from an eccentric history teacher draw them out of seclusion until they realize confronting a hurtful past is essential to ensure a brighter future.

nowhere safe

The crying due to anguish, hurt, and helplessness in the girl’s eyes got to me. Bullying is a serious offense.

You might think that it’s such a shallow high school story, but I assure you, there is nothing silly & superficial in bullying. It’s a horrific, horrendous experience that cuts deeper than a knife & leaves you traumatized when you’re at the receiving end.

It brought back so many painful memories. Memories that I vowed to keep under lock & key because nothing good came out of it. It brought endless days of torment & nights of fitful crying. I was glad when that phase was finally over and the one I loved more than life itself finally got to move on. Now, it’s just a distant memory. A nightmare that we have surpassed.

What causes bullying? Girls do crazy things when angered.. or jealous. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She may stand in your line of vision looking all sugary, spice and everything nice, like an angel sent from heaven above. But deep down, she is all villain in its black splendor & glory.

Goodness is not innate. There is a little bit of a mean streak in each of us. There are people out there who loves to watch people suffer. A thought – why do you laugh when a person falls instead of showing mercy & compassion -or even lending a helping hand? Yes. There is a little bit of badness in each of us, some just more than the others.

There may be some of you trapped in this situation with no one to talk to. Take this from me. Learn to fight back. I didn’t want to open this can again, but THIS IS SOMETHING REAL. It’s been listed down as far back in history and it’s not going to stop by just closing your eyes, wishing it away. And I will not keep my silence if it will help even if it’s just one person, even it’s just one reader who may be experiencing one of life’s shitty obstacles.

After watching it, my heart was completely covered in hate with all the memories. I wanted to strike back. I wanted to lash out. But then again I thought, I should turn this awful experience into something good. And so here I am, writing this. Telling anyone who would listen that bullying stops only when you’re the better bully. It’s against all norms, all that we were taught not to do. But speaking from experience, this is what works. You have to fight back & show that crazy person that YOU are crazier. That’s the only way to make the bullying stop. Away with the turning of the other check because believe me, even though it’s biblical, it gets you nowhere.

And as a mother, I MUST SAY THIS. Do not be dismayed. There is ALWAYS a choice! There is always a way out. THINGS WILL CHANGE. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Bullies prey on the weak. So no matter what you do or what you feel, you must not acknowledge fear.

As an adult, bullying is still rampant. It doesn’t go away so you have to fight back. It’s now or never. You’d think that at my age, everything is in its place. You are sadly mistaken. It is not. I have also just recently experienced bullying by a crazy woman out to protect her best interest. Even after we have shown kindness & respect. I tried being the better person. I tried doing what was expected of me. But that proved futile. She harassed us and threatened us. She maligned us & spoke ill of us. She touched my family & came in close contact with them. That was when I decided to show my fangs. No more Mrs. Nice Gal. And guess what, it worked. She stopped.

But one thing about bullies, they feed on meanness because they are insecure. They act superior, that no one is good enough for them, but deep down, they are empty shells. So even though they stop for a while, remain steadfast because when you least expect it, they will be on the rise, meaner than ever. So you have to always be on the watch. Do not let your guard down. A cheetah doesn’t change its spots. Do not be tricked into thinking that people change.

Parents always say ignore and and it will go away. Sadly I have to say, NO – It won’t. You have to fight. Fight with your last breath and show that it is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE. You are valuable. You are worthy. No one can just cast you aside and talk to you any way they want.

Being a mother, I’ve always thought about doing the right thing, setting a good example. But when calm words & tactfulness didn’t cut it. I had to unleash my evil side. One that I’ve managed to hide for so long, and I set it out with all my fury. I will not step back and let ANYONE touch or malign my family.

Sometimes. Being educated doesn’t mean it automatically makes one a good person. You can be a doctor in high standing, you can be a nurse with a good name in the community, but if you lack compassion and decency and treat the rest like inferior, you are no different than the average, regular scum of the earth.

In life, you make sacrifices. Not so much for yourself, but for your family. You try to swallow that bitter bile because it’s what makes your family happy. So you detract your fangs, you withdraw your claws, and keep quiet. But one more false move, HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.

True, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But remember, my dear liliput. I too am a woman. And on top of that, I am also A MOTHER. Hear me roar!


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