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P-Care, Bulilit’s 1st Anniversary!

I remember it clearly like it was just yesterday. Kap came home excited with news that he will put up a bulilit gasoline station catering to the needs of the tricycles & homeowners in our lot’s neighboring villages.

Gasoline station is not new to us. Kap underwent extensive training before with Shell, but after cutting it down to 3 choices out of 10 applicants -him being one among those top 3, it was awarded to another couple who had a powerpoint presentation & better marketing skills than us. So walang nangyari.

Itong si Kap my Kap, kung ano-ano ang gustong pasukan. Before, he had the idea of opening a crematory business. He studied it in-depth & was really intending on opening one on said lot, but I implored him not to. Utang na loob it’s so morbid. Hindi ka naghahanap buhay, naghahanap patay ka. Growing up in  a hospital, I didn’t want to have to do with anything with the business of mortality anymore. And so he acceded to my request.

Dati rin, nag-tsinelas negosyo na yan. And popsicle business which he cleverly thought of calling “pop-si-kool”. Then we had a Tapsilogan. Blame his business bug on DLSU Taft. Kung ano-ano ang pumasok sa ulo nya in his 4 years there. Kaso, hindi nag-take off. Mababa ang lipad so he had to scrap it. It’s is only lately na medyo sinuswerte sya with his small businesses.

So now, he has several small satellite businesses. His motto kasi is don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Well, save for me. Sa akin nilagay nya lahat ng eggs! :P

Anyway, after a year in the making of red tape left & right, ayos ng papeles dito at diyan. Reject after reject of his lot plan, finally, his construction began underway. And now it’s been a YEAR, imagine that! Ang bilis ng panahon, nakaka-one year na pala si Kap.

He sent me this message a while back telling me of the anniversary of his Bulilit Petron..


Nakakatawa kami diba? Ganyan kami magusap, kalurkey. Lahat nae-eskadalo hahaha! :P

And so we celebrated it with a bulilit bang, basta mai-raos lang. Nagpa-lechon nga si Kap. Big or small, the GOppets are always there for each other’s achievements. Kap really works hard for his maluhong family. And we really appreciate him for all that he does for us. Kawawang Kap. Panay pa ang rollback. ;))



Just beside it used to be our now defunct Taps-2-Go tapsilogan. It’s true what they say, lucky in love, malas naman sa negosyo. We really can’t everything, to be fair. And I’d rather have love & happiness any day over overflowing riches. <3




Ang handa ni Kap my Kap: Lechon, fried chicken, gising-gising, and pancit. For loooong life ng Bulilit Petron! ;)



My happy plate!



and my happy GOppets. My babyson is just play-acting. This is his pretend #RBF. He’s not angry, LOL. ;)


PicMonkey Collagex

Ganun din si MIL hahahahaha. #RBF din lang nya yan. Deep down nagsi-sirko yan sa ligaya at galak! ;))



PicMonkey Collage2

With his right & left hand men, and his forever leading lady, Moi truly. Tara, pakarga na!

Congratulations my Honey. You never cease to make us proud. May God bless you more & make your success ten-fold. We love you so much. At 16, I didn’t think you’d be the man you are now. I am so proud to be your wife. And I wouldn’t want any other life than what we have right now. :-*

Eeeeeat Bulaga!

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