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My Kap is a very friendly person. Whenever we are at the mall, he is bound to see someone he knows & we get delayed in whatever we are doing or wherever we are going because he’s also very chatty. He has friends in all places. He has poor friends, he has rich friends. He has tall friends, he has short friends. He has thin friends, he has fat friends.ย He has young friends, he has old friends. Basta, madaming siyang kaibigan! :P

One of his dearest friends is his badminton playmate tito Rolly. They meet twice a week to play together then drink after (si Kap eat lang). Sometimes I ask him what they talk about because of their huge age gap. But my Kap can talk about anything under the sun & he can out-talk anyone. Yes, even me. Daldalero siyang tunay!

2 weeks ago, tito Rolly celebrated his 70th birthday at BUGSY’s. Yes. 70 & still plays a mean game in the courts, you should see him. His kids gave him a party & the whole place was closed for his celebration.


Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro Westgate

Westgate Center, Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa

Phone: +63 9179042044



This is tito Rolly’s Volkswagon Kharman Ghia 1959. He drives this all around town & we always see it everywhere coz it’s such a classic beauty & pansinin. Striking color pa.


photo 4


Kap & his lolo bud, tito Rolly. :) Kap is really really very fond of him & tells me funny & amusing stories whenever he would come home from playing badminton. I think he misses his dad, poor guy.


Bugsy’s is really a drinking place, so don’t expect much from the food. It’s bar chow plain & simple.


photo 5

Open bar means unlimited drinks! :P Margarita 130 php, meet Mai Tai 120 php!


This is not really served in Bugsy’s. Tito Rolly’s kids brought these in as part of the pica.


Warren’s Dip and Chips 195 php.



The Family 285 php. An assortment of appetizers that just about covers everything.



Bugsy Malone 480 php. USDA angus rib eye-mashed potatoes, demi-glace sauce. Really tender & juicy. WInner of the night. I’d order this again if & when we go back. <3



Pan Seared Salmon 285 php. Norwegian salmon, carbonara, garlic bread.



Spaghetti and Meatballs 185 php. Quite forgettable, really. Order the other pastas instead.


Poached Salmon 255 php. Norwegian salmon, mashed potatoes, creamy basil sauce.


Some of the badminton gang.


With our dear besties whom I have really missed, and will miss seeing.



Now that’s a lot of cake. One for each decade? ;))


Dear tito Rolly. Your birthday should be a national holiday, because youโ€™re a national treasure, priceless to your family! Happy birthday! :-*

PicMonkey Collage

Who’s OLD??? He’s not OLD!!!


But wait. We’re not finished. Of course MY star has to shine too! :P With my bodyguards! ;)) #number1feelingera #nagpapanggap #napoleskaba



BACK view of Mr. Clean & Mr. Lean! :P


And now FRONT view of Mr. Clean & Mr. Lean! :P


Ok tapos na. The End.

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