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Buffet Lunch at Cafe d’Asie

After our supposedly light-turned-heavy breakfast just barely 2 hours ago, we really thought we couldn’t eat another morsel. But the brain is funny. When it “sees” gastronomic delights in epic proportions, it tells your tummy that it can still accommodate more & your feet and hands move on their own accord toward the buffet spread beckoning you to come & partake! :P



Can you spot a photobomber? ;))
I’m not used to seeing my face not smiling on pictures. I look sad here. Sad that I can’t eat more that I want maybe? ;))



I’ve always loved the cozy ambience of Cafe d’asie. The music coming from the piano adds an even higher level of class.




It’s been non-stop eating since we step foot in The Bellevue Hotel.
Needless to say, the kids are very very happy.
Thank you so very much Ryan, agin & again, for your generosity! <3




I would have been happy with this alone. But hey, who am I to argue with my brain which was telling me to try MORE! MORE! ;))



I will never say NO to a good piece of red meat. <3





Mongolian Station which I had to forego because I really didn’t have room for more in my tummy.



Surf & Turf.


Have you noticed that The Bellvue Hotel is full of happy, smiling people? <3
It’s like Disneyland -the happiest place on earth!




My very very happy plate! <3


The servers were so nice to give us strawberries even if they weren’t on display. <3


Now this is what I call BLISS on a plate! <3



Seen at the Lobby. I wanted to bring this home. <3





The Bellevue Hotel always has the good & the bad. This is the good. Unfortunately, I’m all for the bad! :P





There’s so much more food that I wasn’t able to take pictures of as I was a social butterfly during our entire 2-day stay. Fleeting from 1 table to the next, visiting with my star bloggers. All of us enjoyed everything that The Bellevue Hotel had to offer. They couldn’t believe there was this hidden gem in the thick of the south.


And this concludes my Bellevue Hotel series. Thank you so much Mr. Ryan Chan, The Bellevue Hotel, and the entire Chan family for your generosity & support. You will forever remain in our thoughts & in our hearts! <3




This photo belongs to
The Bellevue Hotels and Resorts’ (BH&R) power four (from left): Marketing and Communications Corporate Director Ryan Chan, Deputy General Manager Dustin Chan, Chairman Johnny Chan, and Managing Director Patrick Chan.


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