Buffet 101

I just love it when my kids get to stay home from school! <3 It was Muntinlupa day thursday, which means I got to spend the WHOLE day with my babies!!! m/

The carnivores were craving for steak, so I decided to take them to Highlands Steakhouse in M.O.A. since I figured it was nearer than tagaytay, then we could go window-shopping or watch a movie after. However to our disappointment, it is now under new management -so their daily buffet was out, and we’re thinking the taste that we have come to love & appreciate would probably be different too since they have a whole new staff.. what a bummer! :((

Not to dampen our spirits, I suggested we try out Buffet 101 (new competitor of Vikings Restaurant) for a quick fix since it was already past 1pm & the kids were soooo hungry -not having eaten breakfast to save room for thick, juicy steaks even after I nagged them all morning to eat at least something! @_@

Don’t be fooled by the calm outdoor scene.
There is a feeding frenzy inside!!! ;P
700 php for an eat/drink-all-you-can experience.
This is why there is a feeding frenzy inside, LOL! :P

Upon entry, we realized what a mistake we made! :P It was opposite of the tranquil, relaxed mood we set out for at the steakhouse. The atmosphere in Buffet 101 was similar to the feeding frenzy in Nuvali where the kois were on top of each other feeding hungrily on every morsel they could get their hands on! ;))

It was already past 1PM but there were still a lot of people excitedly hovering over the large buffet spread. Parang mauubusan, I did not like the ambience at all. Too much greed & selfishness going on since the food were disappearing fast. The waiters were taking their jolly time replacing food on the trays so as soon as something, anything, is set down -there’s a feeding frenzy, I tell ya!

If you don’t mind the busy scene, 700 php is actually a great price for an eat/drink-all-you-can. Yes, drink! They have shakes, fruit juices, soda & even a fancy cappuccino maker included in the price!

As you can see, everything is ALWAYS wiped out.
It’s like food is running out & it was their last meal on earth, by the way people were acting, LOL!

But even after all those complaints, here are my full plates teehee..

Honestly, there were more & fresher choices at Viking’s.
Their sushi was BLEH at best.
But what did I expect with the price they have, really? :)
My dimsum plate. After that I was just too plain tired to go battle it out! ;))
I gave up!
My good sports. I will make it up to you guys, somehow! :-*

There were still a lot more to try & taste, but the frenzy and the constant fight for food just made me plain tired! Yes, imagine me?? Giving up food??? That’s how bad it was LOL! ;))

PS-The pictures I took were at closing time, so don’t be fooled by the lack of people in the varied stations. I’m telling you, there were a lot!!! :P Rica baby, this place is NOT for you!!! ;))

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