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Bucky’s Counter

Our dessert at Tipsy Pig (see previous post) wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for. Sorry pero walang kadating-dating at walang kalatoy-latoy. Since no meal is ever complete without a good dessert, I thought a stopover at Bucky’s for its wild assortment of thick, fat & chunky, gooey brownies flourless chocolate cake was in order. Omnomnom! <3

I first encountered Bucky’s at a visit to Toby’s Estate a while back. I’ve been hooked since then. I’m so happy there is now a Bucky’s store within a short distance my side of town.

Bucky’s Counter

Mezzanine Level JJACC BLDG., 169 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City +63 9178445104

Bucky's -Counter-01

If you know where Outre Liquid Nitro Ice Cream Bar is, then Bucky’s is right above.


Bucky's -Counter-36

My sexy girl ready for some fun calories! :P


Bucky's -Counter-37

“Bucky’s buckies: NOT A BROWNIE. If a flourless chocolate cake and a fudge brownie made some babies, it would be called a bucky.” ;) ONE EACH PLEASE!


Bucky's -Counter-52

Bucky’s Pricelist: 1 Box contains 2 slabs – 6 cm x 18 cm x 4.5 cm

1. Original buckies (chocolate x salt)- P350/box

2.Spiced buckies ( original x cayenne x pepper x cinnamon) – P350/box

3.Chunky Blonde buckies (oats x graham x cocoa liquor) – P400/box

4. Buckies n’ cream (Bucky’s version of an Oreo) – P400/box

5. Super buckies (gluten-free flour x coconut sugar x chia seeds) – P600/box

6. Big Poppa buckies (cream chees x bourbon x bacon) P600/box

7. Coco Loco Goji (chocolate x coconut butter x coconut sugar x goji berries) gluten-free dairy-free P650/box

8. Grumpy’s (chocolate x chocnut) P450/box

9. The Redhead (chocolate x ginger) P400/box

10. Bugs Buckies (Bucky’s version of a carrot cake) P450/box

11. Yana Banana (Banana x Walnut x Rhum) P600/box



Loving this mirrored wall tile. I asked Kap to make me a wall just like this for my office nook. LOVE! I can admire my long hair as I “work”, hehe!



From left to right: My original, Ate‘s GLUTEN-FREE (of course!), and my Lovey’s Bugs Bucky. Yum! <3



Bought take out for the lolas too.. Buckies ‘n Cream, and Yana Banana.



A bucky waffle? Why not? Let’s try! Additional 110 php on your bucky. Comes with salted caramel & a generous dollop of soft serve. <3


PicMonkey Collage3





Soft serve cup 60 php each. Made of carabao milk. Malasa!


PicMonkey Collage2

Can’t decide on which bucky flavor to get? Divide & conquer. That way you get to try all. ;)

So very glad I now have a happy place to run to when the sweet tooth attacks! At the rate I’m going I’ll be needing a double dose of Janumet, FML.

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