Brunch with the Gals

Regine, the sweetest gal ever, has been inviting me to brunch for the longest time. It finally pushed through yesterday. And she invited ate along since it was baha again in USTe hahaha.. Faye also joined us for brunch.

Mabuhay ang USTe!!! ;P

I don’t normally do girly brunches or lady lunches. I LOVE spending time with the kids so much that every waking moment, I just wanna be with them. 24/7 if possible. It’s always been like that even when they were young. Which is why I have non-existent girlfriends haha. Mga textmates & IG friends lang! ;P

So this brunch was a welcome respite from my hermit-imposed life. And I actually had fun! ;)

That’s Regine in the background.
And look at what she has again for ate & me!! m/
(my coffee & freshly squeezed OJ in the foreground)
The 1st time she invited us she gave us these..
This time naman, she gave us these colorful ones.
Isn’t she just the sweetest?
She knows we LOVE arm candy parties! ;))
Girls who brunch! <3
Faye’s Bangus
(sorry, I was Regine’s guest, so it would have been rude for me to look at the prices & list them down hehe. Price range of the food we head were approximately around 250-300 php) 
Ate’s Beef Tapa
Regine’s Tinapa <3
And my Lucban Longganiza.

We had brunch at the Veranda of the AACC.. this was our lovely view!

A cool 2M to be a member of this 18-hole golf club.
Pag laki ko, magme-member ako diyan! ;P 

Caddies in cotton candy pink.. so cute! ;)

And look who’s on her way back home now, after 10 minutes of class, jejeje!

Really? You couldn’t have made the announcement EARLIER??? @_@

But wait! More importantly, my outfit post, haha!

Have a safe day, everyone! :-*
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