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Brunch at Spice Cafe, City Garden Grand Hotel

I was tickled pink to find out we not only had dinner privileges, but breakfast privileges as well included in our stay for the fambam at City Garden Grand Hotel’s Spice Cafe located on the 7th floor!

Coz who doesn’t like breakfast food right? We don’t like waking up early on the weekends (or any day of the week actually, teehee!) but for breakfast, or rather BUFFET breakfast, we can certainly make the effort!


For as low as 800 php, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet at City Garden Grand Hotel. For hotel guests who opts not to avail of the room & breakfast package, enjoy the staycation perk at only 500 php/person for breakfast from 6-10:30 am.

We were out the door by 10 am, down the elevator by 10:05, and seated by 10:10. With 20 minutes to spare, galit-galit muna. We went our separate ways to hunt for the most important meal of the day.

For a 4-star hotel, I was pretty surprised at the extended offerings from cereals, to cold appetizers & salad bar, the usual breakfast staples like tapa, bangus atbp., the crunchiest & crispiest bacon I have ever tasted, and many more..

Spice Cafe

7th Floor, City Garden Grand Hotel, 8008 Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati (02) 888 8181



Coming down late can work both ways. It can either be empty (yahoo!) or full (boo!). I’m so glad it was already calm by the time we went in for the kill. #CalmAfterTheStorm









Ate is an early riser. Her body clock is set from having to wake up at 5 every morning to ride the long way to school, so she was up before the rest of us & all-gymed up.



You can have your dogs cooked. Take your pick.




Not to exaggerate, but this is possibly the CRUNCHIEST & BEST bacon I have ever eaten! Look at that giant size. And it’s soooo crispy to the bite. I think I had 5 big pieces!



You can also have your eggs done the way you want it. Which is great because the GOppets take our eggs differently. Ate eats the whites only. My Lovey likes hers fried while my babyson likes his scrambled. Meanwhile, Kap & I go for overstuffed omelettes. <3




Kap was extra happy because of the chinese station. He had his lugaw fix, his noodle fix, and his dumpling fix. Lahat na lang! :P





A banana a day keeps you healthy, wealthy, and wise.



Or at least that’s what I heard! :P Anyway & either way, it’s rich in potassium. So indulge! ;)



Is it obvious that I’m not the only one who loves breakfast? ;) T’was a quiet table with our mouths busy, lol!



Kap’s tea & my coffee. We are so different but together, we work.



Say hello to my big breakfast plate. A little ham, a little bacon, fluffy omelette, pancake, french toast, and a whole lotta cheese to keep me cheesy! Just what I need for my morning dose of perkiness! I was one happy pig! \m/



But you know that I gotta have my sushi too. So I indulged in a little cold appetizer platter.



Nothing beats a big dose of fruits for a boost of vitamins in your system.



My Lovey liked the noodle soup, which is rare, because she’s a rice-kind-of-morning person.



Walang ligo? Okay lang yan. A family that stinks together stays together haha! Weekends are for vegging & lazing around. So in our jammies after a good night’s sleep, we headed off to breakfast. We look decent enough naman right? Do make a conscious effort to spend time with the fambam. Wag na mag-golf! #FamilyFirst Famealy days are important to keep the ship tight & unsinkable.



I like the maaliwalas and spic & span ambiance of Spice Cafe.

Thank you so much City Garden Grand Hotel for your kind hospitality to the GOppets! :-*


It only takes a moment to say thank you, but your thoughtfulness will be remembered a long time. <3

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