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Brown Butter Desserts

There’s a new baker in town who has been making HUGE waves in the foodie world. As in GIANT waves with her fantastic creations that are not only pleasing to the eyes, but more importantly, to your tastebuds as well.

I’ve been meaning to meet up with CATHY DESIREE CHOI over the holidaze but you know how busy everyone got. So when I had an opportunity to meet up with her & CHICHI TULLAO of HAPPY TUMMY TRAVELS -another Instagram sensation, I didn’t let another opportunity pass.

Kap & I were in Century City Mall for another ganap but Cathy was so nice to agree to meet up there so I can finally have a taste of her heavenly creations!


(L-R) Cathy, Moi, the hindi na maawat climbing his way up & fast the top food bloggers’ rank Richard Co of TALES FROM THE TUMMY, and Instagram sensation Chichi Tullao of Happy Tummy Travels.

Cathy worked for Wynn Resorts Macau, the Ritz Carlton, and Michelin-star restaurant Robuchon au Dome in Macau before coming back home to Manila in 2013 to start her home business which is now booming. So much so that she can’t balance supply with the demand & had to turn down some orders particularly last holiday season.

Brown Butter Desserts

31 McDonnell Street, Concorde Village, Parañaque
0917-862-2625 or 975-7085


Instagram: @brownbutterph


Dessert Lovers! Here’s Brown Butter Desserts’ complete pastry selection. For your orders and inquiries, contact Cathy at 975-7085, or mobile 0917-862-2625.

* Desserts are delivered with a minimum delivery charge of PHP 200 within Metro Manila; orders at PHP 5,000 aren’t charged the delivery fee.

Chocolate Five Textures Cake



Chocolate Five Textures Cake 1,800 php. Chocolate Mousse. Chocolate Crumble. Chocolate Sponge. Chocolate Crispies. Chocolate Ganache! That’s a whole lotta chocolate that makes a chocolover like me a whole lotta happy. You simply don’t stop at 1.. whole cake! :P MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!


Look at that chocolatey gooey goodness. 5 textures of Heaven! <3 Cathy uses nothing but the best for her cakes. Real belgian chocolate, and Elle & Vire which is a premium French cream in the market.


Popcorn Cake


Popcorn Surprise 2,000 php, inspired by Orville popcorn. Just think of this awesome combination of flavors: Popcorn Cream, Vanilla Chiffon, Soft Butter Toffee, Roasted Pecans, Rice Crispies, and Caramel Glaze. Definitely a FTW moment!


Cathy makes a play not only in flavors but textures as well with her delightful cake creations. Here, you can see every layer of sinful goodness. OML! Ate went gaga for this.


Chocolate Banana Cake


Chocolate Banana Cake 1,800 php. Banana cake, caramel brolee, chocolate caramel mousse, walnuts & flambé bananas. She had me at chocolate. She had my Babyson at banana. He doesn’t like chocolate but this definitely turned him around. Cathy has an instant fan in our family, that’s for sure!


BONUS for you! Brown Butter Dessert 101 Wednesdays! Here’s how you make the Chocolate Banana cake. Straight from the er.. Baker’s mouth! ;)

– Start out with a soft banana cake at the bottom.
– Layer some flambèed bananas and crunchy walnuts on top. 
– Pour over generous amounts of creamy caramel chocolate mousse.
– Sandwich in between a layer of caramel brulèe.
– Glaze with chocolate ganache all over.





Sweet and luscious, flaky and crispy, buttery yet light.. meet the Napoleon! Creamy Madagascar Vanilla filling sandwiched between layers of crispy, flaky, and buttery pastry. Ohhhlala! Best eaten with the day (24 hours at most) to maximize the flaky, crispy goodness.


Cathy made this initially in matcha flavor but since I’m really not fond of green tea, she was so sweet to give me a different variant. Again, her play on textures & contrasting flavors are evident. This is a work of art.

I asked Cathy what’s behind the name BROWN BUTTER DESSERTS. To quote her..

“The name brown butter came from the French word beurre noisette which means hazelnut butter. It is called hazelnut butter because when you cook the butter to a brown color… It will release a toasty aroma that resembles the hazelnut.

I chose that name because I personally loved hazelnut very very much and plus butter is one of the main ingredient in pastry making. As well I like the name since it is a basic ingredient turned into something completely different with the application of technique. That resembles my cakes which utilizes the most basic of ingredients but with application of diff technique I came up with cakes that are unique or quite different than the usuals.”

Cathy has been featured in Pepper.Ph, do check it out to know more about her amazing cakes:

And now, black to my slice of heaven, NOMS! <3

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