Brotherhood.. and Bronuts!

Today is Sunday, allow me to break-away from my scheduled birthday posts to reflect on the tragedy that has happened last week. As we go to church today, let us all say a prayer for those who are still stuck in the devastated areas, struggling day by day to make ends meet and are dependent on the mercy of others to live & survive for another day.

Let us also reflect & say yet another prayer for those who have lost their loved ones, to those who don’t even know if their loved ones are dead or alive, and have no way of finding out because of the unidentified mass burials happening left & right to prevent diseases from spreading. I shudder to think how it is like to be in their place. I just can’t.

photo copyright: newsinfo.inquirer.net

I am sensitive to their plight. And yes, I am very conscious of the indescribable pain the tragedy has brought. But there are already too many sad & depressing posts on the disaster brought about by Super Typhoon Yolanda. Enough of the misery. Enough of the bad vibes. Enough of the negativity. We need to think positive & try to rise above what is left amongst the rubble. I know it’s easier said than done, especially for us who are out of harm’s way. But what’s done is done. Let’s try to focus instead on the Bayanihan of the Filipino people. Every Filipino has risen up to the occasion and every Filipino is doing his share, big or small however they can, to help -which, in itself, is amazing.

“A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ,” from John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley.

Restaurants have banded together to give what they can give, and do what they can do..

And even weekend stalls such as BRONUTS for one, was sensitive to the plight. So it was the perfect time for me to indulge & find out what the hoopla was all about, and at the same time be a part of its campaign.

5 Flavors available that Friday morning: Cream cheese & Bacon, Belgian chocolate with salted Caramel, Super Floss, Hijo de Leche, and Blueberries & Cream. I heard there was PMS but they didn’t offer it the other day..

* PMS: toblerone-covered Red Velvet Bronut. The photo above belongs to Bronuts PH.

I was hoping to meet the BROTHERS & take a photo op, but they were busy doing relief efforts. Hopefully, they’ll be around the next time I make a special trek from Alabang just for that bronut fix! :P These lovely ladies were very helpful & charming though. A smile always goes a long way. :)

Believe it or not, they ALWAYS run out of stocks!

A little goes a long way. At this point, every effort counts. Bronuts has placed coin banks in the Bronuts booth & will last until December 1. For every Bronut they sell, they will be donating Php 5 of their sales to the Typhoon Yolanda victims. Of course, customers, such as I, are FREE TO PUT ANY AMOUNT IN THE COIN BANKS AS WE SEE FIT. This will be used to buy food and supplies to those affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Of course I had to follow instructions to the dot! ;)

Hands down my favorite! ;) Belgian chocolate with salted Caramel.

Blueberries & Cream

Cream cheese & Bacon. My Lovey’s favorite among the 5. She likes the savory bronut.

Super Floss. Kap’s favorite. Reminds him of lugaw because of the pork floss! ;)

Hijo de Leche

They give away shirts too after your 5th post on instagram! Geez.. you mean we gotta wait THAT long??? :P

What’s heart-warming is even OTHER RACES have stepped in & shown that there is no White (europeans) or Black (africanus), no Red (americanus) or Yellow (asiaticus). No brown (polynesians) or any other color when it comes to world aid.

For how long this will continue, we don’t exactly know. There is no job left, no work to be done. Where will the people devastated by the typhoon get their next feeding from? How, and in what way since their means of livelihood & support have been stripped away? Until when will the generous people running high on emotions keep giving? Let’s pray that their generosity knows no bounds, and the love in their hearts keep on giving.

For your donations..

Until now, I ask: WHY? But alas, only God can answer our question when we finally meet our Maker.

Job 1:21

New International Version (NIV)

21 and said:

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
and naked I will depart.[a]
The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away;
may the name of the Lord be praised.”

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