Breton Date with my Young Man

While he’s still recuperating from a recent bout with asthma, I’m enjoying my babyson’s company to the max. Next week, he’ll probably be itching to go about his usual sports activities that I won’t have him all to myself anymore, so I’m really happy to spend some 1-on-1 quality time with my young man while I can.

With his sisters off to kickboxing again, he took me out on an advance Mother’s Day date at Cafe Breton. We both love crepes! <3

It’s soooo lovely having someone drive me around for a change! ;)
His Galette Americain 240 php
My Hamburcrepe 245 php
Date with my (not so) baby boy! <3
For dessert: His La Pinay (mango) 180 php
My Le Magnifique 270 php
I know, I know. We eat for 2! ;P
Using his new Topshop/Topman Robinson-issued credit card.

We didn’t dare watch a movie without the rest of the gang (that’s just plain scary! @_@), so we just went around for a leisurely drive & discovered this..

Go cart within the Westgate area behind fitness first.
550 php/12 minutes
My babyson somehow found my suggestion that we “go-karting” amusing LOL!
Too baby-ish for him.
He prefers the one in EK where there is a longer, wider, and “more adult” relay.

Yep, I don’t think my butt will fit in there anyhoo.. ;P

I loved my leisurely afternoon. <3 Thank you my babyson, I hope to spend more 1-on-1 dates with you before your future/hypothetical girlfriend steals you away from mummy dearest! :P

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