Breaking Dawn

I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! <3 I think I’m more in love with it than my 3 kids combined hehe! I have all the books, hard-bound & kindle edition. I have all the DVDs! Needless to say, I have watched all the 3.5-part movies!

Yesterday was the first day of showing of Breaking Dawn, and 11AM on the dot I was buying movie tickets in the cinema for reserved seats. So what that my hunny & babyson had a Father vs. Son basketball game.. I HAD TO WATCH IT ON THE FIRST DAY!!! @_@ (What a bad mom I am!) I’m sorry baby son, I’ll watch your next game, promise! :-*

I just get so kilig how Edward has such an intense love for Bella.
Sigh!! <3 <3 <3
They are finally married!!! m/
with a baby..
and Bella has turned into a vampire!
Sniff.. what a perfect ending to their love story!!! <3
But before the movie, I had to feed my not-so-little girls, who just came straight from school, early supper .. Went to Cibo.

Ate’s Rigatoni all’ alfonso
(shrimps, chives, stewed tomatoes, chili pepper, cream)
Spicy & just bursting with flavors, just the way I like it –yes I had some too, haha!
I will definitely order this for myself next time.
Spaghetti bolognese for Lovey
I found it bland. 
My prosciutto di parma rossa
(tomato, mozarella, parma ham, argula, parmesan)
Also bland, I had to put in  a lot of chilli oil…
But the crust was the right amount of crunchy, in fairness.

Can’t wait for the part 2 of Breaking Dawn. Nothing & no one will one will get in my way! ;P

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