Breaking Dawn at Uncle Cheffy’s

Watched Breaking Dawn 2 with the fambam last night. Oh-em-gee! SPEECHLESS!!! :'(( If you haven’t watched it yet, DO WATCH IT NOW! This 5-part Twilight saga is most definitely one of the highlights in my life haha. Parang gusto ko na maging one of the Cullens -shining shimmering splendid! :P

Breaking Dawn
Fight scene..
A mother-daughter tender moment.. <3
Click HERE for the Breaking Dawn 2 Official movie trailer
Renesmee is just sooooo adorbs! <3
Kiliiiiiiiiggg!!! <3

All of us in the movie house cried a RIVER as credits were being shown (swear!). One by one, the characters were presented & you reminisce and remember.. FOUR YEARS of following Edward & Bella! And now, it’s OVER!!! :'(( You know that feeling of having being part of it for so long that knowing it’s really the end is like DEATH in the family! That’s it.. KAPUT, FINITO! :(

New Moon
Breaking Dawn (Part one)

Oo na O.A. na ako! :P

Somehow, the movie ending deserved a great dinner ending as well. As we haven’t tried Uncle Cheffy in Molito, we decided to take a chance & continue our Twilight conversation & reminiscing with a late dinner there (thus the title -breaking dawn at. Get it? :P)..

Uncle Cheffy is located on the 2nd floor at the new Molito Complex, Alabang 
My 3 hungry tadpoles! <3

Grilled Oysters 295 php
Not the freshest.
And the topping was luya! mixed with green mango.
I so didn’t like the after taste.
Too bad. Lime & rock salt would have been fine.
And it really could have been fresher.
Lovely Jenny Salad (junior) 230 php
Salmon topping.
Uncle Cheffy Salad (big) 450 php
Pork & rind topping.
Uncle Cheffy’s Favorite Panizza 395 php.
All their panizzas come in one size. Good for 3-4 peeps.
I can say in all honesty that their wood-brick oven panizzas are THE BOMB! m/
And a lot better (and less oily) than Dear Darla.
Which is good because we ordered THREE of these!
However, and sadly, it stops there..

Tiuey (pronounced chewy) Noodles 295 php
I found the combination of their pasta best seller weird.
Too asian-y tasting, parang not bagay with pizza. Pang-kanin hehe! :P 
Tuna Belly 395 php
So-so. In a bed of salad. Order rice on the side if you’re a rice person.
The ribs were good. Tender & succulent.. Big serving too.
Memphis BBQ 595 php
But the chicken was dry.. REALLY dry!
Spatchcocked Chicken 295 php (half)
Most of their meals don’t come with rice. So you have to ask the server about it if you’re a rice person.
Asian Fried Rice 220 
Lamb Provencale 220 php
Uncle Cheffy Baked Salmon in Filo Pastry
395 php
Another of their supposed best seller.. Chocolate Roulade 150 php.
Sorry, but I really didn’t care for it. The ice cream tasted like mangosteen/durian na ewan??
And me saying NO to dessert? That says a lot. :P 

Hungry Twi-freaks haha! :P
Grabe, kumita sa amin si Uncle Cheffy kagabi! :P

The oldies a.k.a. taga-bayad! ;))

It’s always such a delight going places & doing things with the super friends! <3 If there’s one thing to be thankful for, then it’s the gift of friendship with these fun, wacky people. You can’t choose your family, but at least you can choose your friends!

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