Breakfast at The Lobby, Manila Pen

So, included in my Pen Card pack is a Breakfast for 2 coupon valid only on weekends. Our overnight accommodation comes with complementary breakfast for 2 adults & 2 kids at Escolta. But since Sleeping Beauty woke up late because of either a hang-over haha, or late night partying, I opted to stay behind and wait for my princess to wake up & just let the 3 musketeers go to breakfast ahead of us.

We made it to breakfast (brunch actually) 5 minutes to closing time, thank goodness! @_@ So we made a mad dash to get whatever was left from the buffet selection & filled our plates with grub that we can actually finish.

I really love CHRISTmas time at the lobby. It’s always so cheerful & festive! <3 
They were already packing up, but we begged & pleaded so they let us get some last-minute breakfast. 
My 2-egg omelette with everything in the making! ;)
Honey cured ham. 
French toast. I love breakfast! <3
Siopao & Siomai. Of course I had to get some of those too! @_@
Yummmm!!! <3  

Waaaa ubos na si bangus! </3 

The cheese/bread/dessert spread.

Juice & coffee is included. Yay! m/

Ooooooohhh!! Lovin my plate! <3 
Still my plate..
Mine… ;P
With the hung-over debutant haha.
Hindi naman halata? :P 
Ate got angry at me coz I stole some & put in my bag haha.
The bottles were soooooo cute! <3

If you don’t have a voucher, breakfast buffet at The Lobby costs 1,100k++. It includes free-flowing drinks. So worth it! <3

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