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Brasserie Cicou Revisited: Le Bouchon Lyonnais

Remember when curiosity got me & I opened this thinking with my luck, it would probably be some small generic thing -only to find out I lost a chance to a 1.7k worth of degustation???


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Well, my luck turned. I got a magical email again from the Bossman, inviting me to a night of dinner featuring LE BOUCHON LYONNAIS, and music at Brasserie Cicou. I couldn’t be any happier! <3 Para akong tumama sa jackpot! ;)



Le Bouchon Lyonnais are clusters of restaurants in Lyon, France with small tables, checkered tablecloths and a jolly ambiance which only serves bouchon -a sort of French buffet composed of unlimited amounts of salads, charcuterie, cheese, desserts, a main course of your choice & unlimited wine.


Brasserie CiÇou

57 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan
Tel: 661-9200 | Mobile: 917-885-8841
Facebook: CiÇou
Operating Hours: Tue-Sat, 12PM-10PM / Sun, 10:30AM-2PM


Hello Brasserie CiCou! I Am Back!! ;))


Warm, freshly baked crusty french bread greeted us as we sat down to prepare for what beautiful sorcery lies ahead. ;)


We were also presented with lovely chilled drinks of Kir Aperitif (a French cocktail made with crème de cassis or blackcurrant liqueur topped with white wine), red wine, and white wine to pair with our different meals. I can definitely say we were off to a VERY GOOD START! <3


First course was the unlimited Les Saladiers composed of: Salad of pork sausage, onions, vinaigrette. Beetroot with sour cream. Salad of lentils with shallots and parsley vinaigrette. Salad of potatoes and smoked fish in olive oil. French green beans with vinaigrette. and Red cabbage confit, mustard vinaigrette, egg mimosa. All of which which the server generously distributes on your plates. You may have the all you can eat salad for just 650 php should you opt not to get the whole 4-course meal.


The tray on which the Saladiers lie travels from one table to another. You just indicate to your server when you want replenishment. We stuck to 1 serving though to make room for the other delectable food Chef Anna had in store for us as the Saladiers were quite filling.


There are 6 salad choices: Potatoes and Smoked Fish in Olive Oil which everyone at the table liked the best. <3


Beetroot with Sour Cream which was.. well, sour. ;)


Salad of Lentils with Shallots and Parsley Vinaigrette.


Another table favorite, the pork sausage, onions, and vinaigrette.


Red Cabbage Confit, Mustard Vinaigrette, and Egg Mimosa.


French Green Beans with Vinaigrette.


Kap’s plate. He’s more accepting of other cuisines now, which makes for a very happy me! <3


Charcuterie et Pâté: Pork head pâté, Pâté en croûte, Pork rillette, Chicken aspic with tarragon, and Pâté de campagne with Horseradish & cornichon in the side.

Chef Anna Soenen, beautiful wife of Chef CiCou & owner of the Brasserie, sat with us & patiently explained each pate.

Chef Anna Soenen, beautiful wife of Chef CiCou & owner of the Brasserie, sat with us & patiently explained each pate.


Pate En Croute which was interesting with the crusty bread on the outer layer & jelly-like substance filler.


Chicken Aspic with Tarragon which had an embutido-like texture & a strong liver spread taste that I enjoyed.


Pork Head Pate which was like a glorified, frenchy-fied sisig. :)


It was sad that the Bossman came down with something & wasn’t able to join us for dinner. I have missed him so, I haven’t seen him since he left for Canada & the U.S. for a short vacay.


For an additional 500 php, you can enjoy Brasserie Cicou’s Le Fromage, a cheese platter with St. Marcellin and Cervelle de Canut, a creamy herbed cheese spread.




Too bad there were jsut 4 of us that night so we only got to cover 4 of the 6 main dishes. Not in the photo are: Tablier de Sapeur — Ox Tripes coated in herb crumbs and carrots done ala Vichy. And Boudouille which is a combination of blood sausage and Andouillette, crushed potatoes with parsley, sauteed apple and beef jus with thyme and shallots.


My Fish Quennelle – Crab bisque, gruyere cheese. The texture was that of a fishball. I loved the rich cheese flavor & the sauce complemented the otherwise bland fish.

My Fish Quennelle – Crab bisque, gruyere cheese. The texture was that of a fishball. I loved the rich cheese flavor & the crab bisque sauce complemented the otherwise bland fish. Light & perfect!


Kap’s Le Coq Au Vin, Braised Chicken in Red wine with carrots, mushrooms and a serving of pasta in cream and parsley.


Home Made Pork Sausage with Braised Lentils in Red wine sauce.


Blanquette de Poulet, Chicken with White Cream Sauce, Carrots, Mushrooms, Potatoes, and Shallots.


As we were having dessert, this lovely crooner went on stage & added more fun to an already fun night! Kap was in heaven –ganyan ang mga gig na gusto niya! ;)



Lee Grane of The Voice season 1 entertained us while we had coffee & dessert.



While Lee was singing, out came this tray of dessert with Tarte ala Praline and Choux Chantilly (puff pastry) followed by even MORE dessert assortments! To bad I can only smell & look, not taste. :P


Les Bugnes de Lyon with Strawberry Coulis.


Creme Caramel.


Floating Island which is just like a meringue. Again, if you want just desserts for the night, you can just order the unlimited dessert selection for only P650 php++ per person (no sharing).


Brasserie Cicou’s Le Bouchon Lyonnaise is priced at 1,700 php++ per person for unlimited Les Saladiers, Charcuterie et Pate, one main course of your choice, and unlimited dessert (wine and beverages not included, no leftovers and no sharing).



Chocolate Kouign Amann, topped with salted caramel ice cream. Caramelized laminated sweet dough & salted caramel ice cream 310.00 (Priced separately from the 4-course meal).


Thank you so much Anna for having us & letting us sample the many gastronomic french wonders at Brasserie CiCou! <3


And as always, many thanks Boss Spanky for another entertaining & yummy date night for me & Kap! Love you! <3

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