Boys will be Boys

The moment I saw my son’s face as I picked him up from school, I knew something was up.. AGAIN! :P Ever since school began & he started hanging out with his 2 new friends who are transferees from nearby schools, he has constantly been in & out of the principal’s office for minor misdemeanors

You’ll never guess which one is the culprit! ;P
Sige.. GUESS!!!

Small things lang naman like throwing foil balls at each other in the class during recess. The other time naman they were running around the class also during recess. And the latest was wearing their jeans low kasi the 4 boys were wearing boxer shorts, hay! @_@ Super minor lang diba??? I don’t know why the school makes a big deal out of it, power tripping much!

In their school, that’s mortal sin na, kasi daig pa kumbento the school that they go to. Gusto yata nila all tranquilized the students when they get to school haha! :P

Those minor misdemeanors, I really don’t mind. I mean, boys will be boys. It’s natural lang na they are malikot & medyo ma-prank. I don’t want din naman my babyson to be super straight ala dork. And I also want him to have a fun high school life.

What bothered me this time is a serious offense na. My babyson’s friend brought an electric cigarette to school & SMOKED it in class during lunch period! @_@ He got caught so the gang ALL got into trouble even though only 2 smoked (transferees) & the remaining 2 (dorks) watched (with interest, I might add, hehe!).

Because of that incident, there was a surprise inspection of bags, and the teachers found a CONDOM in that same boy’s wallet!! OMG! Where does he even get these stuff???

Not to brag, and I know most parents claim this. But I really KNOW my son. And what’s more is He knows Me. He knows me well enough & loves me too much not to do things that will disappoint me & make me not trust him. One time he blatantly lied to me & it broke my heart. I really cried buckets & I know that will forever be etched in his mind because he was really sorry & repentant after that.

My babyson is a straight A student & part of the student council. He’s a sports buff & knows not to get into vices because my hunny & I are strong advocates against it & walk the talk. But this doesn’t mean that he can’t get influenced by peer pressure.

As a mother, I can only hope & pray that God will always watch over him & protect him. Give him wisdom & guide him all the days of his life.

To my babyson.. I am proud of you. And most of all, I LOVE YOU. I know you know that. You are my life. Don’t ever feel that you can’t come to me or talk to me about anything. More than that, I want to be your best friend. Someone you can talk to. More importantly, someone you can lean on. And I promise you that I will be that person. I will always trust you & know that you will never break my heart. You are my heart! <3

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