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Botan Black Cafe

Richard & Irene will be away for a series of international trips now that Lauren is also on school break. We will actually overlap each other’s trips, so we decided to meet up before our vacations get in the way of friendship & catching up.

Besides, I’ve been meaning to try Irene’s NEW Tablea Smores Cheesecake. \m/ Yes, she has another new flavor to tickle your palates. And yes again, you read it right.. I did say SMORES! <3 Only Indulgence by Irene makes the creamiest, tastiest, freshest cheesecakes in an assortment of flavors. So no, this wasn’t an opportunity I was going to miss out on. :P I had to get on the bandwagon!


Fans of Irene’s Tablea & Regular cheesecakes will be happy to know na kinasal na ang 2 paboritong cheesecakes nyo! At hindi lang yan, this happy union produced a delightful topping in the form of dark chocolate spread & burnt mallows! <3 It’s smores like you’ve never tasted before. SMORES TABLEA CHEESECAKE. To order, text or call Irene Co at 0922-8303900/0917-6225800.

Richard knows all the best places to eat so we happily went along as he made plans for a lunch out halfway between our barangays. ;P So far, has never given me reason to doubt his taste(buds), teehee. Last week, we met up for a sumptuous Taiwanese lunch at BGC for a fun double date & chika-minute.

Botan Black Cafe (Botan Bubble Tea Cafe)

2nd floor, Wumaco Building 1, 9th ave Bonifacio High Street, Taguig, Philippines 0917 530 6666

Botan Black Cafe is the higher end cafe of its sister company, Botan Bubble Tea Cafe in Makati. Aside from its addicting milk tea products served cool & refreshing, be prepared to enjoy home-cooked Taiwanese dishes you’ll surely come to love. What’s more, price is really affordable so it’s definitely Kap-approved! For family-style servings & hotpots, come during dinner time as it’s mostly the more affordable rice meals & thick, fat waffles served for lunch.

When I mentioned to Kap that we were meeting Richard & Irene at a Bubble Tea Cafe, his face was immediately crestfallen, lol. He was looking forward to a hearty meal after a half day of work, not just sandwiches & milk tea, or so he thought. What a pleasant surprise to find out we were in for a culinary Taiwanese treat! #busoglusog indeed.


Botan Black Cafe is where 2nd’s used to be.


If you see this art work, malapit na malapit na kayo. ;)


If the price points here is Kap-approved, them the ambience is definitely Jane-approved. Win-win situation for us opposing lovebirds.


Ice-cold bubble tea to beat the outdoor heat. Sea foam black tea (L) & Triple delight milk tea (pearl, pudding & nata jelly) – amazingly only 100 php each! Isa pa nga!


Couldn’t resist an order of Fried QQ fish ball 120 php.


Spicy basil fish cake 250 php (L), Fried sweet potato fries 99 php (R), and this MUST HAVE if like me, you like things hot & spicy –> Taiwanese beef noodle soup 300 php.


Because my 3 companions are not into sexy, hot, spicy things, they had the Bakih noodle soup 210 php. Good, more for me. :P


For those seeking comfort food & all-time faves, there’s always the Crispy chicken (half) 399 php.


Perfect wth a hot bowl of rice: Thai basil ground pork 260 (R) & spicy BBQ sauce beef w/kangkong 300 (L). Can you see the sili?? Kenya? Kenya??? <3


And because I’m really into hotpot now, LET’s HOTPOT!!! \m/ Shabu shabu (for 2) Beef tenderloin 520 php + fish flower 90 + fish paste stick 100 + mushroom ball 120.


Look at what’s cookin’.. and WHO’s cooking my lunch! Hotpot lunch date with my Kap. <3



Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble.. ;) What delectable things my hunny has cooked up.


Catch-up-catch-up din pag may time. We are all so incredibly busy now, but one should always make time for friends, right?


And for our sweet ending: Banana choco waffle 230 php, Black cherry crepe cake 195 php, and Bean bean land taiwan shaved iced (red bean, green bean, peanut) 160 php. I just love the thick, fat waffles. Will definitely go back with the kids. Soon, very very soon!

Get ready to rumble, Giblings! The next time we’re in BGC, it’s destination Botan Black Cafe. Condition your tummies for a feast! :-*

And happy happy birthday, Irene!! <3 Another year older, but definitely another year wiser. :) Have an enjoyable trip with the fambam, mwah!


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