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Last Sunday my Lovey was able to put her time into good use. :) She had to do 6 hours of community service since she didn’t go to her class retreat.. I think mommy should have been the one who did the community service harhar!

Clerical & Typing skills are always appreciated. I think if all else fails, kaya kaming buhayin ng batang ito as an encoder! :P

After filing & typing away, she rushed to be a part of the church’s welcoming committee for the sunday school service & the regular worship service after that . My busy busy little bee! ;))

I must commend her previous school for honing her teaching skills. They were given monthly teacher-for-a-day tasks to lower year levels so she was quite ready to tackle her job at the sunday school. Here she was telling a bible story to the attentive kids.

In between services, she distributed pamphlets as mommy clicked away. She was probably thinking it would have been better if she went to that dang retreat, lels.

She also served coffee to the guests. Not to worry, it was the 3-in-1 kind. I’m sure even SHE won’t jumble it up! :P

Of course mommy had to try the coffee she made! I found out she can also be a barista on the side! ;)

After a quick lunch, she assisted the elderly peeps in their Bible Study. I think they were delighted to have someone FRESH in their midst! ;))

Of course I had to reward her good work with meryenda at Bo’s coffee that afternoon. I’m sure she was tired from all that community service! ;) Bo’s Breakfast All Day promo was just perfect because we skipped breakfast, having had to be in church early..

Bo’s Coffee Club

Alabang, Muntinlupa(02) 846-6714

Why fight for seats in starbucks when we have this place all to ourselves?

Can ya tell we’re hungry?

Bo’s Big Breakfast 295 php. It really was a BIG breakfast. Great for sharing. Grande Decaf Americano on the side at 115 + 20 php.

Breakfast Sausage 175 php. Sorry, I like Mcdo’s version better. A whole lot better.

Thank you baby girl for being so patient with the community service & giving it your all. We’re in a different league now in your new school. Excuse letters just don’t cut it anymore. So, are you ready for next year’s ? :P
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