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Borgo Cafe

Bor what Cafe?!

Borgo Café B.F. Homes

312 Aguirre Ave. B.F. Homes, Parañaque

(02) 478-2509

I wanted to like it, I really really did. I read so many good raves on Instagram & saw so many mouth-watering photos that I put BORGO CAFE in my priority list. Plus! My favorite bratty girl Kris Aquino featured it on her show so I was expecting nothing short of amazing.



Btw, their steak-all-you-can promo is phased out. Kaput, according to our server. Since August of last year pa right after the interview, lels. Nalugi kay Darla! :P

Tomato & Celery Soup with Bacon 115 php

Albondigas 99 php (Meat balls in spicy tomato sauce)

Angels & Demons 269 php
Grilled shrimps & chicken fillet in creamy sauce.
To be fair, there was an abundance of shrimp & chicken bits. And it was a big serving.
We would have preferred it spicier, but we did ask for chili flakes, so it was fairly ok.

But there were just SO many things wrong I don’t even know where to start! :'(

1.) We got there at 11am. The staff looked like they just woke up. One guy’s hair was even sticking up at the back -and not in a good way. It’s a bagong-gising-I-did-not-shower-and-went-to-work-straight way. Promise! I believe in good hygiene especially when you’re handling & serving food. Please.

Or baka ganito lang ang drama niya???
Okay lang sana if he looked like this. Kaso hindi eh. :P

2.) The place was hmnnn.. But one shouldn’t expect much from BF restaurants. Don’t get me wrong. I love most of the restaurants in BF which is why I frequent the village for food trips. So the way it looked wasn’t that big a deal to me. We still went ahead & ordered our food. I go by the adage: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Eeeek. The floor! @_@
Shabby Chic maybe?

3.) The orders took SO long to come! We waited 30 minutes and still there was nothing on our table. When I asked our server nicely for an update on our food, she came out with this.. Just looking at this complimentary potato skin (taken from the potato in our Truffle Scented Spanish Tortilla) drowning in oil almost killed me on the spot! @_@

Kuya, sana you drained it man lang muna. Or let it drip on a paper towel naman before serving it to us?

Double cholesterol alert! @_@



Still wiping!

4.) When my order of Truffle Scented Spanish Tortilla came, it was accompanied with bread and MARGARINE. Not butter. Haphazardly cut MARGARINE wala man lang ka-art-art. Kahit man lang sana diretsong hiwa, you won’t hear me complain. The tortilla was okay. Not great. Steady lang. I tasted more egg than potato, actually.

Truffle Scented Spanish Tortilla 220 php

A picture says a thousand words. Really? Ganito kayo mag-serve ng pagkain?
I wonder if this will pass the quality inspection of the owner. Sa totoo lang?

5.) Our Octopus & Mango Salad which should have come out first, came out last. Inihaw pa daw kasi yung pusit. May I just add that we were the ONLY customers in the cafe at what was past 12 noon by the time our orders started coming out. Can I also say? It did not look even remotely similar to my friend Kathi’s IG photo. Not even a little even after mixing it up. There were like 5 octopus bits. Tops. With plenty of overly-ripe mangoes DROWNING in dressing. It looked so unappetizing, and tasted it too. Maybe they should call it plain Mango Salad instead?

Octopus & Mango Salad 239 php

The octopus in my salad! 5 measly pieces. Okay, maybe 6.. from 1 octopus!

Overly ripe mango DROWNING in dressing. <!–3
This was really the last straw! Tinopak na talaga ako ng tuluyan! @_@

Look at the HUGE difference naman in our food & Kathi’s food! Squid palang talo na. I really felt masyado naman kaming -for lack of a better term, NABABOY! :(

6.) The servers were SO inattentive. We had to keep calling their attention. The moment we came in, I had to go in search of someone who would take our orders. At mukhang napipilitan pa. Mga nakasimangot. The expressions on their face were not welcoming. I get it, it’s morning. But it’s friggin’ 11 o’clock people, either WAKE UP or call in sick. They were also all hiding behind this door which I assumed was the kitchen? or else what would they be doing inside??


7.) My Lovey’s steak, which I specifically asked to be cooked MEDIUM WELL was cooked more than well done & was SO bitter. The same goes for the baby shrimps. She didn’t touch it after several bite. I asked them if the Chef Cook kung-sino-man-ang-nagluto was also the owner because at this point I really wanted to speak with him. I learned that their real Chef who was one of the Owners come in only for the night shift. So I don’t know who really cooked our food that morning.

Borgo Steak & Shrimps 349 php. I mean you can SEE right? It’s VERY DRY!

8.) There was a peep show going on. We chose this spot because of its close proximity to the aircon. It was a hot day so we sought shelter where we though we could find solace from the heat, and we did. But since the television was directly behind us, the lechoneros from the neighboring Lydia’s lechon were peeping from this window and were directly in my vision. Bawat nguya ko feel ko they were watching me eat, lels! We finally asked our server to kindly turn it off so the lechoneros can go back to doing their work & not watch TV. Onli in da Philippines!

The window..
Sayang it was too late when I thought of taking a photo of our peeping friends!
You would have really been amused.
I strongly suggest the owners cover this particular window with a curtain.. or speak to their neighbor about decency.

which was directly in front of the television..
which was directly behind my seat.
I requested for the TV to be turned off before I actually thought of taking a photo, hmp.

photoz 2

If our experience wasn’t borderline hilarious, I would be crying. What a way to start a perfectly good Sunday! To save the day, we cancelled our orders of dessert. What is panira ng araw. :( I just hope that this message gets across to the owners & that they would do something about it. I mean my pictures don’t lie. I don’t lie. I don’t mean them ill, but really, this is atrocious.

You know, I’m a foodie. Food is my passion so I really take personal offense when I am served terrible food. It’s better if you don’t feed me at all than feed me crap. Sorry but yes, I’m very sad & disappointed. When you make people wait for their food for an hour with such bad service, at least make sure the food you are serving is worth the wait. I felt that not only did I waste my money but my time as well. There are so many other restaurants in the area that I could have taken my girls to but we chose this particular place. Ni wala man lang “sorry” eh.

My valid but unsolicited advice is this: if you can’t have your REAL Chef come in the morning, then maybe you shouldn’t open shop in the morning AT ALL because your quality control is compromised. All that hard work will account for NOTHING if you aren’t consistent in the food you serve.

In fairness, the price was really affordable..

But I’d rather pay more for quality food. Sa totoo lang, even if they offer to give me 1,000,000 kilograms of free tomahawk, I AM NEVER SETTING FOOT IN THAT CAFE EVER AGAIN! @_@ Yes, kahit pa nandoon si Kris Aquino. Ok, siguro sisilip din ako from outside beside the Lechoneros. But I’m never ever setting foot inside ever again kahit yung real Chef pa ang magluto. KALOKA! :P

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