Bono Tei

I had quite a dilemma this valentine’s day. Normally, I divide my time between giving my babies a surprise visit in school complete with flowers and a special lunch, then go on a date with my hunny bun after my mommy duties. This year though, it would be pretty hard to literally divide myself & be in 2 places at one time, before my real valentine’s date with Kapitan K.

Ate is now in college in one end, while the 2 other kiddos are still in high school on the other end. So, to be fair, I decided I’ll spend the whole day with my Romeo instead para walang favoritism sa kanilang 3! Pare-pareho silang lugi this year hehe. :P I love how they fight over who’s my favorite even though they know they’re ALL my favorites! It really makes me feel like I’m the most special & wanted person in the whole wide world. But. I’m not caving in. Equal talaga -all or nothing. ;)

With Kapitan K out of the way tonight, I took out the 3 munchkins for a pre-valentine japanese dinner date at BONO TEI in BF Homes P’que. I’ve always wanted to eat here since I saw pictures on their facebook page. Such a romantic outdoor setting! <3

Japanese entrance.. I was loving the ambience already, outside pa lang!! m/
If it weren’t for my worsening asthma condition, I would have loved to eat outdoors while it was still a cool & breezy February night. But I couldn’t breathe properly without air-conditioning so we opted to dine inside.

Koi pond completes their authentic Japanese feel! <3

Open sushi bar.
The inside wasn’t as interesting though.
Make sure you get outdoor seating when you go.
I thought the price would be O.A. expensive, coz that’s what I’ve been reading left & right. It wasn’t over the top ridiculous. More or less same as Omakase prices. So for tonight, we were safe! ;)

The staff were very nice & friendly. So accommodating. Contrary to the review that I read. I’m glad! :)

Study mode. Hay! </3 My poor darling! :((
Complementary green tea to soothe my coughing fits.
Mt. Fuji Roll 230 php (cooked Salmon inside, then fried outside) 
Salmon Oishisushi 300 php
Rainbow Roll 230 php (sushi assortment) <3
Uzura Bacon 100 php (bacon-wrapped quail egg)
Spicy Tuna Salad 360 php
Chicken Teriyaki 200 php
Ebi Tempura 5 pcs. 380 php 
Yasai Kakiage 110 php
Gyoza 120 php
Niku Yasia Itame 170 php
My 3 little piggy-wiggys! <3 <3 <3
What is life without you guys? You truly complete me! :-*
They only had ice cream for dessert. So we really had an excuse to head on over to Larcy’s. Again! ;)
Study mode still. </3
When will it ever eeeeennnnddddd???
We recently “discovered” their shake. OMG. Heaven!
Do try their frozen chocolate & also the Cookis & Cream.
You won’t regret it!

I shall miss you tomorrow my darling babies. Sorry I won’t be able to make your day special, but you know I love & care for you 365 days a year, and everyday is valentines coz mommy just loves you guys soooooooo much!!! <3 Balato nyo na tomorrow kay Daddy ang Valentine’s Day! ;)

Promise, I’ll bring plenty of pasalubong. mwah mwah!

Happy Love Day, everyone! <3

PS: Do you know how much flowers cost nowadays? To say that I was SHOCKED is an understatement! @_@

My babyson bought a dozen red roses for his Prom Date.
He was asked by a friend from Woodrose, so he’s having these sent to her school tomorrow para may kilig factor! ;))
Such a romeo, this son of mine. Hindi talaga nagmana sa tatay! :P 
Goodbye roses, hanggang tingin at amoy nalanag ako… </3

If I get roses tomorrow, it will be a miracle! ;)) You have to join me in buying lotto tickets!!!

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