Bono Artisan Gelato

The kids are my lifeline to what’s new & in. Especially ate. She is like my newsfeed on where to go & what to eat.

After our ramen dinner, she wanted to try out BONO ARTISAN GELATO for dessert, which luckily has a branch in SM Aura. So it’s like 2 birds with one stone.. er more like 3 if you add shopping into the equation. :P


G/F The Podium, 2/F SM Makati, LG/F Aura Premier: The first and only truly authentic, artisanal gelato in the Philippines

Our mission is simple: we will transform & transport you. Transform your palate & transport you to Italy (even with just one spoonful) This is THE REAL SCOOP.

BONO artisanal gelato is all about what is FRESH & NATURAL. We make our gelato fresh daily, in small batches. We use NO ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES (colors, emulsifiers, flavors) and do not use any ready-made mixes or pastes. We make everything from scratch, the slow-food, whole-food way; the same way the Italian mammas used to do it. We source our flavor ingredients from the where they are in season. You can be assured that the gelato you are enjoying is made from nothing but the best ingredients, with a whole lotta love. We’re KEEPING IT REAL.


I was expecting a grandiose ice cream parlor (ala Magnolia???) -stall lang pala. lels, Or at least one that offered a bit more extensive flavors than what was in front of me..

Nevertheless, they were happy. So I was happy with the so few choices as well.
Maybe they represented quality over quantity. :)
7 flavors. I could have tried all in 1 sitting haha. But of course I didn’t! :P
Naturally, she went for DIETICO Choco Greko. Why am I not even surprised?
This photo belongs to Bono.
She said it hardly tasted diet-y. But then again, I’m not very impressed with her bland tastebuds nowadays haha!
My Lovey LOVES her Dulce Banana. So much that it warranted a kiss! ;)
I did say I could have had all 7 flavors in 1 sitting right?
Medyo nahiya ako, kaya 2 lang. :P
Movie Night & Red Velvet.
Yup. quality over quantity.
This is no ordinary ice cream, people. <3
What a delicious moment. Sweets in both arms. Sigh.. if every day can only be like this! <3
I so love my cutiepie babyson!!!
Sweets all around. Simply perfect.

Exam week is over. Back to regular programming. Boo!

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