Bonifacio High Street Revisited

As much as possible, I try to make the weekends fun for the kids. Sometimes, they just wanna veg out after a tiring week in school & I’m happy to do so as well. But kids being kids, they really can’t stay inactive for a long period. Whereas for me, vegging out means laying down and doing absolutely nothing THE WHOLE DAY, for my tadpoles, it means 1-2 hours of rest & they’re good to go! Just when I’m about to sink further & deeper into my soft, warm cocoon of a bed! :P

The other day (saturday) was a full day. Ate & I watched Breaking Dawn 2 (yes, again!!) while my Lovey also watched it (again) with her bff Maxine.

Then we had a light snack at our favorite comfort food place, Bizu..

(From left to right)
Croque Monsieur 335 php (glorified ham & cheese), Pumpkin Soup 165 php,
and Banana almond & Chiz french toast 315 php

Before a late dinner with the Buensalidas at Bonifacio High Street (Fort Bonifacio Global City). Boni High has a new FREE open-air movie night during the weekends & the whole strip comes alive with sounds, lights, and you guessed it -ACTION! m/

Exploring with the Buensalidas & 2/7 of the Dayrit contingent, from alabang! ;))
Soooo many chow chows walked the earth that particular saturday night!!
As in MOSTLY chow chows talaga!
We should have brought JELA! (except that she’s in heat. Might be too much trouble for the boys! :P)
Just look at that be-ribboned scrunchable, huggable bear-cum-lion fez!! <3
My not-so-little darlings!! <3
Attempting a perfect jumpshot..
Me absolutely failing to capture it, haha! :P
Yikes! They saw TOP SHOP & COTTON ON!!!
Nightmare for every parent, teehee! ;))
And this is definitely a TOTAL nightmare for ME!!
Oh-em-gee!!! @_@
Like I said, my hunny bunny LOVES to piss me off! :P
The FREE outdoor movie.
First of its kind (?) in the Philippines.
Nice way to chillax with popcorn & a tall, cold drink.
We’ll do this next time when the kids aren’t as excited to explore Boni high. 
The Avengers was showing the other night.

The Buensalidas haven’t tried Nolita, so tour guides that we are (nuks, yabang akala mo naman lagi nasa boni high, haha!), we brought them there for a late dinner..

  • 7th Ave. corner 29th St. South, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City
  • Clockwise: Pizza Steak & Egg 250 php, Buffalo Chicken Pizza 250 php,
    Wild Mushroom Bleu Cheese 250 php, Regular White Cheese 150 php
    Btw, my Lovey has been getting a lot of compliments for her mustache sweater.
    Zara, $35.

    The family that EATS together, gets FAT together.
    Although, it’s like they eat all the food & I get ALL the pounds in this case!!! @_@
    A very rare father & daughter picture! :P
    Hindi pa nakatingin si kapitan K, hayz!
    Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich 230 php
    Shrimp Carbonara 290 php
    Crispy Fries 150 php
    Beer-battered Onion Rings 180 php
    The gwapings! :P
    Stovetop Mac & Cheese 310 php
    Yikes, ang mahal! And it’s a SMALL serving lang ha!!
    But my babyson wanted it ASIDE from his big@$$ pizza, so pikit-mata nalang si mommy! :P
    Bowl of Chili 240 php
    Also MAHAL!! I suggest you just stick to pizzas & the peanut butter YUMMY sandwich! m/
    You also have to get the ICED WILD BERRY (iced tea) which my hunny says tastes like cough syrup but we all liked it naman.
    Funnel Cake 110 php. Good too, you gotta try this! m/
    But be sure you dip it in the caramel sauce. YUM!!

    This is why I LOVE the weekends. Don’t you??? ;)

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