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Giblings Day Out, K-Style!

When Kap & I suddenly left for a you-and-me-only quick anniversary getaway a couple of weeks ago, the Giblings went off on their own lunch & movie ganap to get back at us for leaving them behind, lol. We’re almost always together so this was a treat for them -being on their own. No one to boss them around. ;P

I am overjoyed that they grew up super close to one another. More than siblings, they are each other’s bestest friends. I can’t be any happier knowing come what may, they will always look out for one another & have each other’s back. <3

And because they were free to choose where to eat, they indulged in their favorite fast-food place, BonChon, for some chicken’ lovin’!

BonChon K-Style Chicken

LG/F Alabang Town Center, Alabang-Zapote RdAlabang, Muntinlupa (02) 478-1818
CLICK HERE for available BonChon locations


BonChon is their go-to place for its flavored K-style chicken, a symphony of Korean/American flavors. They just can’t get enough! @_@


They love BonChon K-style chicken so much that I send them GCs to use in school, or to spend with their barkada during breaks for the times they run out of money kaka-lakwatcha!

Growing kids mean laging butas ang bulsa ni Mommy. But not so with Bonchon‘s affordable meals. May tira pa! ;)

Wings – Small (6 pcs.) 195 | Medium (12 pcs.) 375 | Large (24 pcs.) 730 Drumsticks – Small (3 pcs.) 195 | Medium (6 pcs.) 375 | Large (12 pcs.) 730 Chops Small (4 pcs.) 195 | Medium (8 pcs.) 375 | Large (16 pcs.) 730 Thigh Small (3 pcs.) 195 | Medium (6 pcs.) 375 | Large (12 pcs.) 730


Kap always complains that half of his income goes to feeding our hungry army hahaha! Do you agree? ;P Take note that this is just for THREE! Parang nag-pyesta? My happy K-pop babies with their Bonchon K-style Chicken, naniningkit sa tuwa! <3


And how can they not? Enjoy 4 highly addicting sauces of Soy Garlic, Hot & Spicy, Honey Citrus, and Crunchy Garlic. No gravy needed, just slice & pop in your mouth for a happy meal. Umay will now be a thing of the past as each visit at BonChon will always feel like a new experience. \m/


My babyson’s ultimate favorite is the Soy Garlic. He can have it winged, filleted, breasted, or 3-legged.



Short for Korean-Style chicken, BonChon K-Style Chicken is a symphony of Korean-American flavors. With every bite filled with a fusion of delicious flavors, you will definitely end up craving for more!


Freshly-prepared in the kitchen. BonChon K-Style Chicken is individually made-to-order to make sure that you are served with the best tasting crispy chicken. Perfectly thin skin and deliciously non-greasy, so crispy even without the breading.

PicMonkey Collage

Omnomnom. At hindi naman pala lahat para sa kanila. They remembered to take some to go for their 2 lolas back home. Thank you kids! :-*


Ang parusa sa mga layas na magulang.. they watched Kung Fu Panda without us huhu! :'(


Oh well, you just gotta watch it again guys. Sorry. Or no more BonChon GCs for you! :P

To know more about BonChon K-Style Chicken, watch this mouth-watering video! #BiteIntoANewBeat.


Unique tasting and distinctly delicious, no regrets for anyone who bites into this new chicken beat. So satisfy your craving for a new and extraordinarily delicious crispy chicken experience. BonChon. Bite Into A New Beat.

Happy Eating! :-*

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