Bon Chon

The “clan” tried out Bon Chon yesterday for lunch, before our movie date. I like the sound of that.. CLAN! ;) We’ve never been a part of a big family, so this is most definitely a very welcome change in our status. I so feel the LOVE! <3

The clan I’m talking about is the carvery/taal tennis group of my hunny. My prayer has been answered, really. I’ve been praying for new friends for the kids, and God has given me this clan! <3 It really works ALL ways coz everyone of my family member has a playmate haha.. from my hunny, to me (the wives), to ate (who is ridiculously happy with the 3 new girls who are the same age as her & have the same temperament & likes –read: malling/shopping hehe!), to my baby son & Lavinia! I’m really really keeping my fingers crossed on this new-found friendship! :) Get this.. we have another outing next week. YAY!!!!! m/

So, going back to bon chon. It’s a korean chicken restaurant which originated from the U.S. & is NOW HERE IN THE SOUTH!!! m/

The newly-opened south branch.. yippee! <3

I actually like their chicken! It’s crispy & saucy at the same time. <3
And you have 2 flavors to choose from. Spicy or garlicky. We got mixed! ;)
I also got a bulgogi wrap & fish taco, both passed my taste. I’m hooked!
Spicy fish taco (but you can opt for a regular non-spicy one!)
Bulgogi wrap
Chap chae
Spicy chicken wings.. My kids teared haha!
Their kimchi coleslaw is also good.
Normally, I don’t like kimchi that much. But this combination I like. Yumyum! ;)
The happy kids..
The happy parents.. most especially me! ;)
After lunch AND a movie, the older girls still didn’t want to separate, so we headed to the Buensalida mansion where they made posters for Jasmin’s soccer game the next day… coz yes, they were gonna meet up again & cheer for her. How wonderful! <3

After their poster-making, the 4 girls decided to go night swimming in spite of the chilly air. Sigh.. exam week is tomorrow. You better not get SICK ate! @_@

Enjoying the whirlpool.. I’m soooo envious! ;))
Ate Marita made all of us platters & platters of yummy nachos.
Yes, even yummier that friday’s nachos! m/

Can’t wait for our binondo food trip next week. ‘Til then, folks! ;)

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