Bolinao, Pangasinan

A page in the diary of Sugar and Spice..
August 16, 2013. Day 10. The zombie situation has gotten worse. Almost 8 out of 10 have been infected with the zomvirus & whoever has it has turned into this grotesque, flesh-eating monster. The President has issued an announcement for the remaining living Filipinos to look for least populated areas, near the seas if possible, and remain there for the time being, while the philippine navy effectively disperses their rescue team to gather the citizens. The zombie apocalypse is now a reality.

I quickly gathered whatever supplies we could find, some clothes, food, and essentials.

It is essential that you never leave home without chips!
You can always throw chips at zombies in the hopes that they will want to eat those instead of you!!!
My family & I wasted no time & headed for where we knew without a doubt we can stay alive. Bolinao, Pangasinan. Population 74,545 people.
There was panic & pandemonium. Everyone was headed either to the hills or the seas this friday afternoon. 
My very scared, very worried, very anxious kids!!!
It’s less populated, the resorts are far apart, and we had quick access to the seas for rescue. We could also fish for food when our supplies run out. And sleep in boats when the situation gets bad, as we await our rescue. The CDC has confirmed that the zombies can not swim & are will not attack on water, so I guess this is the best we can do.
At night, and if the sea is calm, we can sleep in boats.
If all else fails, we can live off the sea… surely the fish can’t be infected with the zomvirus???
Worst case scenario, we can always travel via this yellow submarine if a horde happens to find us.

We found a resort that seemed abandoned..

save for a few walkers which my brave Kap & babyson quickly disposed of using the only weapon we had.. CHOPSTICKS! We found chopsticks to be highly effective as it doesn’t emit a sound the way guns do, attracting even more walkers in the vicinity. We just needed to make sure to stick it in deep within the eyeballs to the brain. It’s a good thing we had plenty of chopsticks to spare.

We had to separate our group into 2 huts. So one can try and rescue the other when the need arises. It’s a tough living situation -cramped space, no flushing system or hot water, but at this point, we are thankful for whatever accommodation we can get that would keep my family & I safe.

As you can see, Kap is busy trying to contact the Navy for our immediate rescue. My hero! <3
This is the beach front. I guess construction has been stopped when everyone turned into Zombies. :'((
We had to rely on our primal instincts & skills to keep alive. We hunted.. we fished.. just so we could eat.
We hunted.. never mind if the cow we had to kill in order to survive was old, making the beef tapa we had for breakfast hard & chewy.
And we fished.. these killer dangits were crispy & perfect, I must admit.

Okay, okay, you got me. I’M KIDDING! I just had to use a little imagination to get me through the weekend. :P

A couple of weeks ago, ate told me she will be going on a 3-day field trip to Bolinao for her zoology class. Then she asked if I can sort of go but be “under the radar”. Conspicuous baga. Huwag magpa-halata coz they were warned no parents & yayas allowed, lels.

As much as I can bear & tolerate it, I try to give ate space. She is 18 after all. Mommy shouldn’t be a constant shadow, unless she asks of it. It’s also good to let her have some independence. Wag lang sosobra! ;P

My first thought was where the frick is Bolinao that they needed 3 whole days for that?! Then she enlightened me & said it takes 6 hours to get there. zOMG! ganun?! Bundok na yan ah!

Kap stretched for the 6-hour-long drive ahead.
We followed this bus all the way to pangasinan. It carried a very precious cargo! <3

She warned me though that the place they were staying at wouldn’t let me book on the same dates coz her college reserved the whole place. I said it’s ok I can book somewhere else as long as she has a security blanket knowing mommy is just somewhere nearby & can get to her in an instant.

I really felt so happy that even at 18, she still wanted, needed me around. Ok, not around-around, but somewhere within the vicinity. Not every mother can boast that their teenage child wants them within a 50-mile radius! So I must have done something right by her. ;)

So long story short, I contacted the resort & asked if they can accommodate my family of 4. Thankfully, they still had a couple of huts (read: KUBO) left that can fit 2 people each. They warned me though that I had to share the common bathroom. Ugh.
I swear, I went speechless for a while there. I mean I’m the queen of kaartehan. I get grossed out easily. But ate doesn’t ask very often. So.. how bad could it be, right? 3 days will go by quickly, I thought to myself. Itigil muna yang xenical na yan for 3 days & MAYBE I’ll be ok! @_@

So lest they change their minds, I quickly reserved the 2 available rooms & paid that same day so they can’t say “no” whatever happens or comes up. Wala na silang laban at hindi na nila ako pwede tanggihan kasi bayad na ako! :P

The only rooms available were the kubos, so we had to adapt & make do.
The hardest thing was the bathroom.
The flush didn’t work, there was not hot water, & since it was a public bathroom, everyone else used it huhuhu.
I have never been happier when we finally said goodbye & headed home! @_@
At this point, I would really like to thank the 2 kids for being such cowboys. Even though they knew they didn’t have a choice but to come along, they didn’t give me a hard time in spite of the long travel, hassle of it all, and accommodations.

Ohana is family. And family means nobody gets left behind. ;)

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