Boiling Seafood

Because it’s been raining cats & dogs for quite a while, we went crazy being holed in the safe & warm confines of the 4 corners of our bedroom. It was definitely time for us to come out from hibernation & face the world again.

Tuesday night, seeing the streets were once again somewhat safe from the floods & fallen trees, we braved the rains & went out for a breather.

We needed some comic relief to shoo away the gloom that typhoon Maring brought to the Philippines.




The 3 photos above & the 1 below do not belong to me. The photo above is reported to be the Pasig-Potrero Bridge in Porac SCTEX.

It was so depressing watching the sorry state of our nation that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson’s comic relief in THE INTERNSHIP was most welcome. (Click HERE to read the gist of the story)

As is our usual custom, we had dinner before going home. We have already tried all the restos in ATC save for BOILING SEAFOOD which replaced the vietnamese restaurant X’oi. So humoring me & my need to blog about a new dining establishment, The Clan agreed to try out the new place. It was really mighty big of them. <3
BS has somewhat limited choices so we just got multiple orders of the basics below.
Seafood Chowder 125 php
Would have been nice if it came in a bread bowl & steaming hot.
Ceasar & Chicken Salad 260 php 
Buffalo Wings 275 php
Fish & Chips 295 php
Pesto Seafood Pasta 295 php
Shrimp in Sweet & Chili 595 php
In fairness, the sauce was good. But the serving was really very small for the price.
Shrimp Aligue 595 php

The kids couldn’t be persuaded though, and went to Chili’s instead. Can’t say I blame them. Chili’s really did look more upbeat & happy (and had more choices too!).

Chili’s Bar and Grill

Alabang Town Center
LG/F Corte de las Palmas, Alabang Town Center,
Alabang-Zapote Rd. Alabang, Muntinlupa
(02) 846-2647

My kids ordered the Chili’s 999 promo..
Aba marunong naman palang magtipid kapag wala si mommy.
So proud of you, my babies! <3
1 appetizer..

(Texas Cheese Poppers 325 php
Mini cheese poppers, green onions, and cilantro, and rolled into their specially seasoned breading and lightly fried until golden brown.)

and 2 entrees..

(Monterey Chicken 450 php
Marinated, grilled chicken breast with BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, cheese and diced tomatoes. Served with mashed potatoes and fresh veggies.)

(Chicken Crispers 300 php
Thier famous strips of hand-battered chicken fried to perfection. Served with corn on the cob, homestyle fries and honey-mustard dressing.)
Plus a salad..
Boneless Buffalo Chicken Salad
Crispy chicken breast tossed in a spicy wing sauce, combined with blue cheese crumbles, bacon, carrots, tortilla strips and pico de gallo.
Serving Regular 295 php / To Share 495 php
and a dessert which they shared as well. <3

Molten Chocolate Cake 395 php
Warm chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling. Topped with vanilla ice cream under a crunchy chocolate shell.

In fact, Chili’s looked so inviting & happy that we followed right after for drinks & bottomless tostada chips. m/
Bottomless Tostada Chips 340 php
Warm and crispy tostada chips with their flavorful house-made salsa
Skillet Queso 390 php
Cheese dip with seasoned beef. Served with warm tostada chips.
Pitcher of Frozen Strawberry Margarita 600 php
Chili’s Triple Dipper 495 php
A combo of their 3 favorite appetizers. Generous portions of their Chicken Crispers, Buffalo Wings Over Bauffalo and Southwestern Eggrolls with sauces for dipping.

And because kids are kids, they had a bit of fun at this dance machine on our way out..

These kids always manage to have so much fun whenever they’re together! :)

It’s been a long week of impromptu vacation, but how can you rejoice at the expense of people whose homes & livelihood have been devastated by typhoon Maring. I hope & pray that this will be the last typhoon of this magnitude to hit our country for this year. Kawawang Pilipinas, lubog na sa utang, lubog na sa kurakot, lubog pa sa baha! </3

Remember to keep these Hotlines handy.

PS: If someone knows how to 1.) enlarge photos 2.) put colors on the font and 3) upload photos simultaneously here in WordPress, I would greatly appreciate your help & assistance. :P I’m still writing on Blogger & importing to WordPress just so I can keep everything together in one platform huhu.

Like I said, it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks! And I, my friends, am a VERY seasoned dog! :)
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