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Blue or Yellow?

My Lovey is off to college next year, she’s the last of the bunch. My painful joints & rickety bones tell me everyday how old I’m getting. And my baby going off to college solidifies the betrayal of my body.. that time indeed, is catching up, lol.


Nakapila na sa daily ritual: Bengay, Salonpas, Anlene Gold at Calcium chewables. Isama mo pa ang Katinko! :))

Time flies by so fast when you’re having fun. And that’s what the past decades have been with my small, imperfectly perfect family. If I could only hold on for a few years more to their childhood, I would. What I would give to have my 3 babies all safe & sound in my bosom & under my protection 24/7. But alas, it’s the circle of life & I’m just along for a ride.

Among the 3 kids, my Lovey is the most undecided when it comes to planning the future. Yung 2 panganay, they knew right away the paths they would take, maliliit palang. Itong si bunso, masyado ko yatang naimpluwensyahan hahaha. She just wants to be like mommy daw. Read: PT – Pambansang Tambay!

Aba anak, you have to marry rich kung ganon, lol. And find someone who loves you very very much that you can just stay at home & live like a princess all your life! ;P

She’s super nervous with the college entrance tests. Her Ate & Kuya told her many times to just relax & let time take its course, but she just can’t shake off the nervousness. So even though UP is not in her #lifegoals , we decided she should still take it so she’d have a feel of how the coming tests will be.



Jena: “Mom! The test was in Filipino! I was just looking at the paper half the time trying to figure out what to do!” HAHAHAHAHA!


Mukhang malabo. Besides, UP is too much of an activist for my taste. “Make love not war” is my motto. Pass tayo anak. ;P


Her dad took the giblings to their respective entrance tests, so naturally, he was also the one who accompanied our baby to UP. The last of the mohican na itong Bae namin. Si Jela nalang ang natitira! ;))


Kap always took the kids to Wooden Spoon after each test. But my Bae, a true-blue rebel hehe, asked to sway from her dad’s “tradition” & go for chinese instead. Yan, jan sila magkasundo. Fly lice! ;P


And so, chinese it is. Late lunch at Causeway Bay.

Since her talk with Ate’s good friend Isabella some months back, my Lovey made up her mind that Ateneo is THE SCHOOL for her. Of course I’m not in favor because of logistics. Hong loyoh! Pamatay pa ang traffic. Pasig nga hindi na makauwi si Ate, Katipunan pa kaya? I don’t like the idea of being a weekend parent, hello. Saka panibagong condo na naman yan? Lagot na tayo kay father Kap!

With this recent development, she set her mind on Legal Management. With a possible future in Law, God willing. Again, I’d rather she not dabble in this stressful career, ang daming bully, ang daming red tape, ang daming paper work at cheche-bureche! But she has her own mind, and it’s her future. So all I can do is support her the best I can. Siguro pwede kung corporate or property law. Yung walang mga hearing!



My Lovey went with her friends for the ACET (Ateneo College Entrance Test) so no peechur for mom, hmp!

My best bet is pre-med in BS Psych sana (which can also be her pre-law, right?) leading to Dermatology kung sakaling magbago ang ihip ng hangin. My Bae has such great skin, I feel that she would be a perfect dermatologist. And she has control over her own time pa even when she becomes a wife & mother. But alas, she is not into science daw like her 2 siblings. She scores higher in Logic & Reasoning. Kaya mahirap naming ipilit kung ayaw, masisi pa ako pag tagal, hay.

I would so love for her to be in USTe like her kuya. I’d have someone watching over her, mentoring her, and I’d have some semblance of peace in my life knowing they’re together at least like the previous years when Ate was still in España. Saka mas feasible umuwi araw-araw kesa kung Katipunan huhuhu!

Baka makumbinsi ko pa! I will pray very very hard hahaha. Tulungan nyo ako ha? *insert evil grin here



Lolo’s, lola’s, mom’s, ate’s & kuya’s alma mater.. saan ka pa Bae? ;) Ano GO, GROWLING TIGER NA? ;P


Pero mukhang hindi gusto.. hayan oh. FIERCE! :P


Oh di ba? Ganda ng skin nya? Sobrang bagay mag-derma. Laki pa ng kita hahahahaha! Thank you Kuya for being the tour guide/bodyguard/poging tsuper of our litol princess around UST. And thank you too for taking her out to a japanese dinner after the entrance test. You da best. I’m one lucky mommy at nagmamahalan ang mga anak ko! Ito na ba ang bagong #universitytandem ?


Kuya will definitely have his hands full taking care of this one, trololol! #noboysallowed

Her dad, in the meantime, wants her to take up Business in HIS alma mater. Para pwede na daw si Kap mag-retire after. ;)) Asa ka pa Honey, mag-shopping lang yan ubusin ang kita mo HAHAHA! (joke.. 1/2)


Either way, I will be so proud of you my darling whichever road you decide to take. And I will support you 101%. Always pray to God for wisdom & guidance, He will never fail you. <3

Jeremiah 29:11 New International Version (NIV)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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