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I love reading blogs. But I’m also very choosy. That’s why I’m having such a hard time looking for blogs worth my time, NUKS hahaha! ;P

I go to Top Blogs in search of PINOY blogs I can connect with. Sometimes I get lucky and find blogs I really really love! ;)

My criteria are the following:

1.) Personal. I love reading blogs about the family, where they go, what they do, who they are. My pet peeve is when I they use initials for the names & cut off or blur heads in the pictures so you don’t recognize them at all, although of course I understand that they value their privacy. I also do the same (pet names, not initials though). I tend to get confused when there are so many letters & I don’t connect. So why waste time reading them, eh ayaw naman nila magpakilala! :P)

For this, I read Tina Tagle. <3 I love how she is so raw & personal. She SHARES. About her life, her kids -no secrets. I’m so fortunate to be among her few, select readers. (I had to hunt her down & beg, hahaha!) Thank you Med for helping me track her down! Thank you Ivy for introducing Tina! ;) :-*

This is the link to her very private blog. I’m not sure if you can read this entry which she made public in facebook. WordPress has a “lock” option where you can have certain posts viewable for public, and some parts locked for private viewing/chosen readers. If you want to read her private posts, simply message her on facebook, she is VERY nice & accommodating. <3

Dasma socialite mom of 3 and Fashionista.
This picture was taken during a recent birthday dinner.
I LOVE Tina Tagle!!! <3 <3 <3
2.) Pictures. I’m impatient to read long blogs. It helps when there are pictures, those keep me interested haha. I have short attention span! :P

3.) Same lifestyle. I only read about things that interest me. What interests me? Food! ;) Shopping! Family! Homes! Travels!

I’m glad I stumbled upon Leslie Cheng (of Shoot First Eat Later). AND Frances Lorraine Haw (of Frannywanny). Both very popular food bloggers. By now you must know how much I LOVE food! ;)) There are many food bloggers out there, but trust me when I say these 2 belong to the select few who are most credible!

Three of my favorite food bloggers in 1 picture! m/
Leslie, Jin & Franny

I also love looking at homes & interior design, so I read Daphne Osena Paez. She always features nice houses & valuable decorating tips.

And bags.. thus, The Bag Hag Diaries! ;) I can always count on socialite Ingrid Chua-Go for travel & leisure. This lady is just first class, all the way.

Ingrid is the epitome of luxury.
I love reading her blogs. I live vicariously through her! Sigh… :)

4.) Prettiness factor. I read Rica Lopez de Jesus’ blog, Heart to Heart. And Jin Perez of Jin loves to Eat. They are not only both pretty, but also very charming & witty! And they blog daily, so I get something new everyday! :) I just LOVE reading their blogs!

Rica & her Family.
Husband James, Sons Jaime & Javi.
hahaha yes I know all their names! Which is why I connected with her blog right away.
You wouldn’t even think she’s a Rustan’s owner (starbucks, golden spoon), she’s just so warm & friendly.
Plus! She gets invited to the BEST parties.. which she blogs about..
So I’m happy! ;)
I normally don’t read young people (read: single & night life)..
I don’t think we have the same interests kasi.
But Jin is different -she has more substance. I like her style, and she’s a great blogger! :)
And she’s actually a bit older than I thought she was, haha!
Her family owns the famous Savory Chicken.

5.) Humor. I love it when the bloggers I read are funny & witty. And they don’t take life seriously.

6.) Native. I only read filipino bloggers. No, I’m not racist. It’s just that I connect with them more, knowing what they’re talking about, having access to places they mention.

7.) Hip & Informative. I like to know what’s new, so my kids will think I’m cool haha! :P

I read chuvaness. I can count on her “for all the news that’s hip to print”, haha! :P From sales, to new restaurant openings, to promos, to parties! Name it, she’s got it! <3

Socialite Cecile Van Straten (chuvaness) & husband, Jeroen.
Owners of Pepper Lunch.

Since I’m a stay at home mom, people often ask me what I do while I wait for the kids to come home.. And now you know, hahaha! :P

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