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Blogapalooza 2013!

My girls always encourage me to join blogger events, but I’m too shy (yes, that IS possible). I’m essentially a newbie, having started only 2 years ago, and I feel so insecure & insignificant next to the real pro bloggers who’ve been blogging like forever. Aside from the fact that I’m too old! :P I think I’m the oldest blogger alive, lels. I don’t know how to break the ice.. like I’ll just go to them and say “Hi, wazzup?” ;) Baka hindi ako pansinin at sabihing “Sino ka Lowla?!? Doon po sa kabila ang senior citizens event!” So I never really took event invites to heart.

Two weeks ago, they saw a chance for me to go to my first bloggers event at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura when BLOGAPALOOZA sent us an invite via email, yes, including my 2 girls who also blog on the side when schedule permits (or when they’re not too lazy!) ;))

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I was agreeable because it was something we can do together, a great bonding experience for us 3 gals. Pretty soon, I became excited & started looking forward to gracing the event organized by the big-named bloggers Vince Golangco of When In Manila & Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet.

Yep. I came in my animal print for a boost of self-confidence.. hear me ROAR neigh! :P

They sorta look alike don’cha think? Vince can pass as my eldest son haha!

We got there early 2 saturdays ago coz I read there were around 450 bloggers attending. I so didn’t wanna queue! :P

The ladies at the registration table were so nice & helpful, ever smiling. It really started my day right! ;)

Wow! ;) Legit bloggers na talaga haha. The family that blogs together stays together! :P

It wasn’t nearly as crowded when we got there. But by mid-afternoon there wasn’t a space to be occupied! I really must commend Vince & his staff for a very organized event. Booths were placed side-by-side for easy maneuvering of bloggers covering the event.

Everyone there was so friendly & gracious that I felt right at home. The people from VIEW PARK HOTEL even gave us souvenir shirts & pens. Too bad none were in my hubba-hubba size! ;) I really must make an effort to visit it the next time we have lunch at our favorite joint in tagaytay. I did promise them after all! :)

GRAB TAXI was said to have reimbursed bloggers who came to the event via taxi cabs. Bonggels! ;)


Where the Talks were to take place. Too bad I didn’t get to sit in any.

Besides, the email the organizers sent said popular you-tuber Bogart the Explorer (Marco Ho) was leaving early due to other previous commitments, and my girls LURVE the very pinoy-looking Bogart with an incredible aussie accent TO DEATH! ;) (Click HERE to watch some of his silly videos!) So we made sure we got to meet him, and meet him we did! ;)

With the hilarious Bogart the Explorer! ;)

We also had a photo op with the winged MIKEY BUSTOS, another popular you-tuber (Click HERE to watch some of his videos). Yes, we’re funneh like that, forgive us haha. Mababaw ang kaligayahan namin! Maka-photo op lang we’re good to go! ;))

With the winged Mikey Bustos! ;)

Normally, my girls (especially ATE!!!) are so suplada when it comes to photo ops with celebrities. They really REALLY have to like the celebrity before they allow me to take their picture (yes, BALIKTAD!). But this time, they were the ones who requested me for a photo op with Bogart & Mikey. I was impressed. Siyempre nagpa-peechur na rin ako.. hindi naman ako magpapatalo noh!

We made a quick round of the place making sure we covered all the areas, then left when the place started to fill up & was getting really crowded. I saw an old friend though, BOUNTY FRESH. ;) Click HERE for my post on TOP TORIKATSU. Most of the bloggers who attended were there on a professional capacity to endorse the products. I was definitely out of my league. As you know, I’m more of a personal blogger & I only write about what’s happening in my life & family -where we eat, what we do, how we live. Mine is not a commercial blog but more of a personal one. I started my blog really as a diary of sorts for the kids to back-read when I’m old & senile. Para maalala nila ang pagaalaga at pagmamahal ko sa kanila at hindi nila ako itapon pagtanda ko! ;P

Besides, we were already soooo hungry & it didn’t seem right to just Eat-&-Go at the event.. Jahe naman rated PG (patay gutom)!

Congo Grille and Tempura provided the yummy-looking food for the event.

So we made like bananas & split (get it?? BANANA SPLIT??? :P ). It was certainly an enriching experience that would last me a lifetime. I’m so glad I was able to participate in this event with my girls. :)

If there’s one resto I wouldn’t mind eating at over & over again (forsaking blogging opportunities), it’s YABU. We just love their katsu & unlimited cabbage.. and soup.. and rice! <3 So we braved the forever long line just for those tasty pork chops!

Yabu: House of Katsu

SM Aura Premier

SM Aura Premier, McKinley ParkwayMcKinley Hill, Taguig

My Hire Original Tonkotsu 300 php

Ate’s Hire Seafood Mix 450 php

And my Lovey’s Chicken Katsu 180 grams 350 php

After a leisurely lunch, the girls “walked” me to burn those oils & katsu fats (read: Shopping!) and did some damage. It’s a good thing they were still catatonic from our heavy lunch so they weren’t in the best of moods to shop..



We went home mentally richer (but financially poorer because of the impromptu shopping! :P ). Now I can say that I’ve been to a legit blogger event, lels. Thank you my girls for coming with me, for always pushing me to learn & experience something new even in my old age. And of course, for supporting me in all my endeavors! <3

Thanks Vince & BLOGAPALOOZA..

And thank you kids. The stars of my blog! ;) My GO-wapo babyson opted to stayed home.. hindi daw siya blogger. FINE! Mag-artista ka nalang! @_@

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