BLO (Blowdry Bar) & Murray D’ Vine

Ate didn’t want to have her hair & make-up done for the party she was going to last saturday. She doesn’t like the effect of heavy make-up & prefers the natural look. Seeing how we already made a big effort with her outfit, I insisted she at least get her hair done to complete her get-up. And besides, she was going to a BIG party, every one would have gone to the salon except for her! :P

She agreed on the condition that it’s just hair -no makeup, and that we go to BGC for BLO BLOWDRY BAR which she’s been itching to try ever since she saw it on Instagram..
Sure, let’s make my life so much harder why don’t we? :P So we went to BGC on a saturday afternoon in search of this hair salon that she was fixated on.

2-C01A 2nd Floor Serendra,
Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
To book a blo or just chat call
+632 551 4422
+63 917 6-blodry(256379) or email
Monday to Sunday    10am to 9pm
*Open as early as 7am by appointment.
500 php for any of their 7 featured hair styles. Includes shampoo & the works.
I was worried coz we were running late & her appointment was at 3pm. I was anxious that somebody else will get ate’s slot if we didn’t get there on time. Whadya know? Walang katao-tao. The salon was very empty, lels.
Ayan.. grabeng side trip. Ang dami talagang pinamili eh! :P
So I had my Lovey have the BLO experience as well so she can write about it in her FASHION BLOG. ;) She’s always wanted to try the fishtail braid but her yaya & I only know the regular & the french braid. So it was the perfect opportunity.
500 php
Ate’s hair-do cost 950 php (because it was not part of the featured 7 styles. Pony WITH half braid na-doble na yikes!) while my Lovey’s cost 500. (It’s 300 php for kids below 12). Honestly, I found the price a bit expensive. Tirintas lang 500 na?! Ok, granted may shampoo, but still..
950 php
My pretty ate. <3
The place was very nice, spacious & clean. The staff were pleasant & efficient except they have a tendency to go overboard with their hard sell on Buy-9-Get-1-Free package. They tried to shove the package in our faces not once, not twice, not thrice.. you get the picture? It was MULTIPLE times that I was already getting very annoyed, except my 2 girls were looking at me with restraining eyes! :P So I had to behave.
Ate with the echosera & atrebidang hair dresser who kept selling me all their products from hair extensions to promos.
Utang na loob. No means NO. Sayang, gusto ka pa naman ni Jana. :P
Whoever the owner of this salon is, I know you’re just trying to make a decent buck, but please tell your staff to ease up on the hard sell. If their handiwork is good, people will flock. They don’t need to push so hard, it’s offensive. If they keep yapping & selling while they are working -forcing & pushing instead of concentrating on making their clients happy, it’s bad trip I tell you. Nakaka-walang gana. Bibili ako kung gusto ko, huwag nyo akong pilitin ng pilitin please lang. Nakaka turn-off! No means NO! @_@
After getting their hair done, we passed by Murray D Vine’s on our way out & we saw heart shaped burgers on their menu! <3 And you already know me & my love affair with hearts! Gotta have ’em. ;)

G/F SerendraMckinley ParkwayFort Bonifacio, Taguig(02) 856-3723

Being a PUB, there were so many beer drinkers & smokers downstairs that we opted to sit upstairs.
Ate wasn’t feeling so well & was coming down with a nasty cold so she got hot tea to soother her already sore throat. Twinnings Green Tea 65 php (refillable hot water)
Wanted to take home their mini ketsup & mustard. <3
Coke in Can 70 php 
So thoughtful. They knew we were in for some greasy & messy so they provided wet towels. It’s gestures like this that makes you come back. 
My Lovey’s thick & juicy Beef Sliders 395 php
With extra swiss cheese 50 php
Ate’s mushy & slimy Veggie Burger 275 php
(Ew. hehehe. But she said ok naman daw ang lasa. It’s just slimy going down. Again, ew.)
And of course, introducing my Juicy Lucy (Beef) 425 php
(They have the healthier chicken version) 
Oozing with yumminess in every bite! <3
Double burger patty with onion rings & caramelized onions to boot! L-H-A-V!
Side order of fries 95 php to take away the umay. And what is burger without fries, right?
(And ice cold coke!)
Malamig na ang ulo ni mommy. Nakakain na! ;))
I’ll look up braids on youtube later. Next time any of my girls want one, ako nalang ang gagawa! A kiss for tip, ok na! ;) Ang mahal ha!
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