Blast from the Past

I lost the current sucky pen I always keep in my wallet (one of the kids borrowed it I’m sure & forgot to give it back! @_@), so I suddenly remembered a cartier pen of more than 2 decades ago. My hunny & I put some time into looking for it last week & digging it out from its hiding place. I’ve been using it for the longest time until I dropped it accidentally & the mechanism gave way. Then, pack-rat that my Kap is, he hid it until such a time that we can resurrect the pen & I can use it again. Akala niya siguro pag pinag-pahinga namin yung bolpen maaayos mag-isa! :P

We looked & looked until we almost gave up looking. Then Kap found it! @_@ That’s always the case with lost things isn’t it? They show up at that precise moment that you just wanna sigh & give up!

The other day, sunday, we went to Rustan’s makati to finally have it fixed. There’s a Cartier service center on the 5th floor. Just as I thought, the mechanism is the culprit. They said I have to wait 2 months to have it repaired. Naman! You really need THAT long to fix a single pen?!? Sabagay, I’ve waited how many years, what’s a few more months?

It’s embossed with my name from when I was still single.
That’s how old my pen is, haha!
More than 2 decades. Grabe, antigo na! ;))
Looking for the serial number.. akala fake! ;))
The price of their pens now. SHOCKING is an understatement.
When I bought mine it was like 3-4k? Now it’s 11k. And 500 php for the ink refill. YIKES! @_@
One thing nice about designer stuff is they rarely change styles.
The kids were amazed to see my pen circa 2013! ;))

There are pros & cons in going to Rustan’s makati! ;) The good thing is RM has soooo many new, exciting, beautiful things to see & touch. The bad thing is, once you touch -you wanna buy! Look..

But the worse one is actually me! NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER!!! :((

They were just gonna look at bracelets.
What shopping means for my poor babyson..
Taga-bantay ng mga bag namin hehehe.
Then this beautiful bag called out to me & BEGGED to be taken home! <3
It’s a rare black bottega with fringes. Ah-lhav-eet!!!
Nagmakaawa eh, di binili ko! :P
Do I look happy? Last na ‘to, PROMISE!!!

When my pen finally gets repaired, I’ll just have somebody pick it up. Deliks pumunta sa Rustan’s Makati!!!

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