Bizu/Mr. Santa’s Village Shop

Today couldn’t have been more perfect! <3 My hunny gave me roses. Yes, ROSES! ;) For no occasion.. well it was our civil wedding anniv a couple of days back, but we don’t really celebrate it. Still, what a sweet gesture! <3

Then I had brunch with 2 lovely ladies in Bizu! I could get used to this lifestyle.. ladies who brunch, hahaha! ;))

Ivy’s Mushroom Ragout 255 php
(Mushroom ragout, rice pilaf, bechamel, gratinated mozzarella)
I had a taste, hmmnnn, I think the cheese was a bit overwhelming & nakaka-umay.
My eggs Florentine 385 php – every bite was heaven!
And it was such a huge serving, to my delight! <3
(Farmer’s ham, two poached eggs, blanched organic spinach, fresh muffin, hollandaise sauce)
Faye’s sosyal bangsilog a.k.a. Boneless Bangus! 355 php :)
With 2 of my mommy friends, Ivy & Faye <3
My Molten Valrhona Chocolate Souffle cake 365 php
The chocolate was bittersweet, just the way I like it.
So rich & creamy, just perfect with the vanilla ice cream!

Ivy’s Crepe Suzette 295 php
(Fresh orange, orange juice and rind, Grand Marnier, crepe, vanilla ice cream)

After a decent amount of pleasantries & juicy gossip, we went on an impromptu field trip to a christmas decor shop. I love how Ivy always gives me new learning experiences haha! :)) I’ve been wanting to decorate the outside of our home & she brought me to this secret place hidden somewhere in BF. Sorry, but for the life of me I could never take you there because we will both get lost! But it’s a delightful place selling very inexpensive christmas decors. Perfect for someone on a budget like me! :)

Mr. Santa’s Village Shop
Hey, they are going to be in the St. James bazaar this weekend!
Try to catch them there.

The discounted price (if you order straight form their factory) is the one on the left.

The “before” Santa haha. With real boots – cool! ;))
Face painting ;) ..
The mold for santa’s face.

Happy mommies with the very friendly factory owner, Petite.

I didn’t get any of the available stocks, instead I got made-to-order products coz I like to feel that I’m special, hahaha! I got the climbing dwarfs.. 7 of them!! (soooo cute!!!) & a huge gingerbread man/candy cane wreath. And all for 2.5k! What a steal, right? All thanks to my dearest Ivy! <3

Huge wreath for our gate. I wanted sana bigger pa talagabut I got kuripot & stuck to my 1k budget! :P
I specifically asked for it to be halved into 2 so it can be separated when the gate opens.
Cute gingerbread man & candy cane detail.
I’m borloloy queen, so I’ll definitely add more ornaments to this wreath haha! ;) 
My 7 climbing elves! <3
Petite is so nice. I requested for different outfits for my elves & she immediately obliged.
If you do get from her, don’t be shy to customize your order.
She’s very nice & accommodating.
Close-up of my elves! :)
Nicer sana if with santa diba? But I got kuripot again hahaha! ;P

Oh, and I got something special today too for my beautiful ate. We rushed to Makati as soon as she got home from school for this..

I love seeing you happy ate! <3

She’s been having so much heartaches lately that I just want to spoil her a bit… and it’s an early graduation gift na rin coz she’s been really really good with her grades –saka I know for a fact that she’ll get into her choice of school.

PLUS!!! I finally finished my christmas shopping today for my 3 kids. My wallet has been RAPED!!! ;P

Like I said, a perfect day! <3

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